B&Q designer, Nigel Irens, will be in Sailsbury next Tuesday speaking about the evolution of yacht design

Nigel Irens, the designer of Ellen MacArthur’s B&Q, will be giving a speech on the evolution of yacht design at the Medieval Hall in Sailsbury next Tuesday evening (15 March) at 1930.

Nigel has spent 25 years in the field of offshore racing multihull design, and he will describe the evolution in the technology of boat design to the present day, and how he met the special requirements of Ellen MacArthur.

Nigel Irens has agreed to speak to raise funds for the Clayesmore School hockey tour of the Netherlands at Easter. The entry fee is £10.00 for adults and £7.50 for under 18s.

For further information/tickets telephone: 01722 333 040 or e-mail Romy@romy-johnson.com / mail@nigelirens.com.