At the beginning of the second day's racing, competitors look forward to better conditions...

Today is the Commodore’s Day, and the second day of the largest big boat regatta ever staged in the UK. Moderating weather is expected to greet competitors, a God-send for those eager to witness the fleet of classic 12-Metres. Blustery conditions that forced the abandonment of conditions of racing on two of the three courses yesterday are set to be replaced by a more manageable 15 knots from west-south-west.

The tide is flooding this morning. With one of the greatest tidal ranges of the year predicted tomorrow, the tides will play an important role in tactical racing. It was interesting to note that Leopard and Stealth, prior to their start, took a long beat up the Western Solent keeping well inland to get a feel for the tide and choose the best route.

Today we can expect to see a battle between 205 participants, including all three Js and the 23-Metre Class yacht Cambria. Yesterday the Js stole the show, however, today thirty-seven 12-Metres will be sparring for position, a sight that will at least be comparable. Don’t miss an update on the racing and results later….