The 12 America's Cup teams prepare for Opening Boat Parade in Valencia on Saturday 11/4/07

The official opening Boat Parade for the 32nd America’s Cup will take place on Saturday 14 April just two days before the final stages of the event – the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup. The winner will face Alinghi in the 32nd America’s Cup Match starting on 23 June.

The Boat Parade represents the true countdown to the America’s Cup Match, a contest for the oldest sporting trophy in the world, held in Europe for the very first time since 1851.

The boats will sail along the Port America’s Cup canal in a unique display of color, light, music and fireworks. Open to the general public, the presentation will last around 45 minutes.

The Boat Parade is scheduled to start at 2130. The 12 32nd America’s Cup teams will make their way along the canal, one by one sailing in front of four enormous 50m monuments.

Each of these monuments symbolises one of the four elements: water (the event’s stage), air (the wind powering the boats), earth (the universal character of the 32nd America’s Cup – the most international event ever held) and fire (the heat of the battle and the fight for the Cup).

The 11 challengers will be the first to make their way down the canal. One of these teams will reach the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup and win the right to face Alinghi. The Defender will be last boat in the parade and will display the America’s Cup on their bow.

Each boat will be accompanied by a spectacular firework display that has been specially designed with an individual light and sound choreography for the individual competing countries.