Team Alinghi officially launches its campaign for the America's Cup 2007

Team Alinghi officially launched its campaign for the America’s Cup 2007 on 12 June 2004 with a full team presentation at Newport Shipyard, Newport, Rhode Island. Following the formal proceedings, SUI 64, sporting new graphics, was lowered into the water and set sail for the first time on Newport Harbour.

The entire team showed off a new line of restyled and technically improved teamwear, and for the first time the sailing team wore crew shirts bearing a number so that spectators can easily recognize individual crew members.

Grant Simmer, Alinghi Team Manager said; “Today signals the start of a new campaign which we are very excited about. Our vision is to win the America’s Cup 2007, earn respect and recognition as a world class sports team, while sharing our passion for sailing.”

New members of the sailing team were introduced by Jochen Schuemann, Team Alinghi Sports Director.

Matt Mitchell (New Zealand)

Mike Drummond (New Zealand)

Mark “Sting” McTeague, (Australia)

Matthew Welling (USA)

Peter Holmberg (USA)

Mark Newbrook (USA)

Jordi Calafat (Spain)

Yann Gouniot (France)

Nicolas Texier (France)

Lorenzo Mazza (Italy).

New members of the design team are Michael Richelsen (Denmark), and Kurt Jordan (USA).