Having rounded Eddstone Light House today at 0700, the Admiral's Cup IMS fleet is on its way home

The latest positions from the fleet indicate that most of the IMS 600 fleet is on the way home having rounded Eddstone Light House after 0700 this morning. Chernikeeff 4 called in a rounding time of 0710 and reported 15 knot winds from the south-west. Aftershock was next to report an Eddystone rounding at 0720 and said that the fleet was close together. Dancing Bear rounded at 0800

In the IRC Class the most recent report is from Chernikeeff at 0345 as they rounded Start Point. Earlier at 0324 Bear of Britain had reported as they passed Start Point – they said they believed Chernikeeff 2 and Bribon Telefonica Movistar were about one mile astern .

The only report from Wild Oats was at 2051 last night when they said they were 1.5 miles south of Portland next to Estrella Galicia Uno.