The leading yachts in the VOR are revelling in the fresh tropical breeze

While the leading yachts competing on the fifth leg of the VOR are revelling in the long awaited tropical breeze, those down the fleet including Amer Sports One and Amer Sports Too are still suffering with lack of wind. Amer Sports One, however, has regained a couple of miles over the last few hours having escaped from the windless hole that both yachts fell into earlier this afternoon.

illbruck has retaken the lead Assa Abloy and Tyco but there is still very little between the two. However, if the breeze holds out, the fleet order should sort itself out within the next few hours.

News Corp over to the west, 31 miles behind the leader, is also making the most of the fresh breeze and is currently clocking 11 knots boat speed.

Position Report, Day 5, 1556 GMT



3 TYCO (1 mile from leader)

4 NEWS (31 miles from leader)

5 AONE (34 miles from leader)

6 ATOO (36 miles from leader)

7 DJCE (42 miles from leader)

8 TSEB (47 miles from leader)