Here's what some of the world's greatest yacht racers had to say about Joyon's 72-day sprint round the world

Congratulations to Francis Joyon the French multihull sailor who, this morning, completed one of the greatest single-handed voyages in history. It took Joyon just 72 days, 22 hours, 54 minutes and 22 seconds, to sail round the world in his 90ft trimaran, IDEC see news story here. 

Here is a selection of quotes from some of the world’s greatest global yachtsmen:Thomas Coville(skipper of the trimaran Sodebo, contender of the Trophée Jules Verne from 1997-2002):

“Francis is without a doubt the best solo sailor we have seen in the last 15 years. He has exceptional physical strength and nothing can stop him. He crosses the Atlantic like others may take their family camping. He shows no fear. On land, his wings don’t touch the ground. Francis, you have to explain. You need patience to understand him, wait. At the same time, he is very impatient.”

Jean-Luc Van den Heede(currently on his fourth global record attempt aboard Adrien)

“This time heading towards Cape Horn, has shown Joyon to be a great sailor. I really hope he encounters good navigation conditions in his voyage back from the Atlantic to finish this incredible trip which will be very difficult to beat alone, even with a new multihull.”

Marc Guillemotskipper of the trimaran Biscuits La Trinitaine

“Congratulations Francis, it has really been a great pleasure to follow you from land where we are looking forward to next season and I hope that you will be with us to defend your title at Ostar.”

Roland Jourdain(third place in the last Vendée Globe)

“Incredible! I am pleased that the next Vendee Globe is no longer in question. It must have been very dangerous. I know the man well having sailed with him. I also know how difficult it must have been to achieve what he has. The boat was not the best suited for this; it’s a fairly old trimaran and has succeeded due to the crew. He had to cope with this, which was very difficult. He performed a miracle. Simple and efficient, I am very happy for him. He proves that there are other ways of sailing. I take my hat off to him.”

Bruno Peyron(current holder of Trophée Jules Verne)

“You can’t imagine how jealous I am. I wanted to be the first to make it in 80 days alone. But it wasn’t me, it was him and I’m overjoyed for him. What Francis has done is amazing. It has shown us a demonstration of strength, good sense, economy and fantastic navigation.”

Franck Cammas(ORMA champion 2003)

“What Francis has achieved is an exceptional performance, I am astounded: he has made no mistakes, or at most, very few. From descending the Atlantic, he has had some luck/success, in particular his route through the doldrums followed by the great south, an area he was totally unfamiliar with, he carried out the journey without fault in terms of navigation. And he kept to a rhythm equivalent to a boat with a full crew; incredible!”

Bernard Stamm(winner of the last Around Alone)

“I never doubted Francis, because he has a will of steel. When we know that he climbed up his 33m mast alone, in the middle of the South Pacific, to repair the top of the mainsail. I can really understand the frustration that the job entails even on our 60ft monohulls? I take my hat off to him. And all that without complaining.”

Philippe Monnet

“He has achieved an amazing feat, he is an adventurer in the most noble term. He has known how to deal with solitude, the weather, navigation and how to preserve his trimaran for the complete journey, all of this he has done flawlessly.”