Dee Caffari is back up to speed thanks to a consistent breeze 2/5/06

Date1 May at 2250

PositionN 11° 28′ / W 25° 45′

It was beautiful sailing conditions today. By early morning we had shaken out the reef in the mainsail and had full sails once more. The sea state had settled a little and less spray was coming over the deck allowing me to open hatches once more.

The sea surface temperature dropped another degree today and the consistent breeze made the conditions on deck wonderful and below much more manageable. I am not reduced to a hot sweaty mess every time I change sails, which is a more comfortable way to live.

I even passed a container ship today. I was quite excited to see other life on the oceans again, but that excitement was short lived. As good as it was to see others, I couldn’t help but feel that my space was being invaded. Voices on the VHF continue to spark to life every now and then.

With the conditions getting a little cooler and there being more apparent wind across the deck it is easier to get some rest again. I shall endeavour to get some quality rest now while the shipping traffic is light as closer to home it will increase reducing the amount of rest I can get considerably, after all the Western Approaches to the English Channel are one of the busiest waterways in the world.

Dee & Aviva