To beat the solo North Atlantic record, Thomas Coville must round Lizard Point Tuesday

In order to beat the solo North Atlantic record held by Francis Joyon since 2005, Thomas Coville must round Lizard Point (SW tip of England) before Tuesday 17:47UT. Yesterday at 18:10, after 4 days and 4 hours sailing, and exactly two days from the last possible arrival date, Thomas had 624 miles to go. He has a lead of 326 miles, between 15 and 20 hours ahead of Francis Joyon’s time.

The sailing conditions will be very light at the finish with a zone of high pressure building. For this reason, Thomas gybed last night and is hooking to the north in order to remain in a stronger current of wind, this time blowing due west, which is preventing him from making a direct course.

This choice is enabling him to maintain a good speed (25 knots) and should enable him a better angle in relation to the wind and therefore more speed over the final miles.