A total of 45 29ers have made the trip to Travemude for the third round of the Eurocup

Travamunde is the venue for the third round of the 29er Eurocup. With 45 boats racing as part of Travamunde week the 29ers have the largest number of international competitors.

The British competitors are fairing well but are being pushed hard by the Fins and Australians. Current UK national champions Tristen Jaques and Alain Sign lead with a healthy points lead after the second place team of Lauri Lehtinen and Miikka Pennanen found themselves disqualified by the jury for all races.

Results (after 7 races)

1st GBR 619 Tristen Jaques & Alain Sign

2nd AUS 648 David O’Commer & Scott

3rd FIN 972 Silja Lehtinen & Silja Kanerva

4th GBR 6 Ed Chapman & Tom Peel

5th GBR 781 James Stewardson and Tom Morris

6th SUI 963 Fabio Muller and Mathais Keller

Other British

7 GBR 959 Dylan Flether and Nick Hollis

8 Justin Vissar and Simon Wheeler

12 Jessica Smith and Dave Hall