Going in to the final races today RMW Marine is looking good but will have to fight off some tough competition in today's remaining races

Excellent weather conditions in Plymouth Sound enabled three more national championship races to be sailed yesterday at Plymouth.

The winner on each occasion was RMW Marine sailed by Rob Greenhalgh, Dan Johnson and Liam Murray, but their afternoon’s work was no walkover. In fact, they only managed to snatch the lead just before the line in the opening two races of the day.

The mainly Force 4 was right in the crossover zone for the No 1 and No 2 rigs, and the choices made by the various teams were based mainly on their weight. The RMW Marine team are light and have a particularly powerful No 2 rig, which was their choice, while heavier teams opted for their No 1s.

It seemed that Ed Browne, Mark Tait and Lachlan Torrance on Hermes were home and hosed in the day’s first race, but RMW Marine found enough power to leap past them just before the finish. Almost coincidentally, the mainsail on Hermes started to come down as the head attachment had worn through. A hurried repair seemed to have done the trick but it failed again, and they headed for Mount Batten Centre to change to their small rig. Third place was taken by Victor Brellisford, James Fawcett and Dave Smith, back to form on White Stuff.

White Stuff then led the second race of the day from the start to near the finish, but they too fell victim to the RMW Marine team in a headlong sprint for the line. Rob Dulson, Martin Goodlad and Alec McKinlay finished third, enjoying themselves under their No 1 rig in the brisk breeze.

RMW Marine duly took the day’s third race, but not without sustained pressure from Base 1, which finished less than a minute behind. White Stuff was again up there to take third place.

With three more races (today) to sail, RMW Marine is now looking good for the title, but, like Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France, they are being made to work very hard and will have to sail a good final day. Behind them, there is still much to sail for, and the outcome will be very interesting.

Results (after 6 races, 1 discard)

1. RMW Marine Rob Greenhalgh, Dan Johnson and Liam Murray 6pts

2. Hermes Ed Browne, Mark Tait and Lachlan Torrance 14pts

3. Computacenter Jon Bennett, Andy Jeffries and Nick Jerkins 17pts

4. Base 1 Rob Dulson, Martin Goodlad and Alec McKinlay 21pts

5. White Stuff Victor Brellisford, James Fawcett and Dave Smith 23pts

6. Link Associates Tim Penfold, Matt Alvarado and Will Penfold 23pts

7. Radii Andy Richards, Andrew Fairley and Dave Richards 28pts

8. Renewable Energy Charlie Tavner, Ian Mitchell and Ed Clay 31pts

9. Multimarine Dan Fellows, Neil Wiseman and Simon Baker 44pts

10. SP Systems Mike Hope, Justin Biddle and Sandy Wright 49pts