Superyachts heading back to the Med from Antigua next spring might like to consider this event via the Azores and finishing in Vigo

The first Superyacht Cup Transatlantic Challenge is planned for April 2008. The course will take the yachts on the traditional track across the Atlantic via the Azores and will finish in the Spanish Port of Vigo on the north west coast of Spain. There will be two classes, a performance sailing class and a ‘rally class’ which will enable yachts to keep up an average minimum speed by motoring if necessary. The two classes will start separately in Antigua with the aim of all yachts finishing in a 24 – 48 hour period in the Azores.

Horta Marina will host the fleet during a short stop-over period in the beautiful and unspoiled islands of the Azores, where shore-based activities and events will be planned for the intermediate days. The yachts will then start in pursuit race format on the final 900 mile leg to Vigo. Whilst many yacht owners cannot take the time necessary for the whole race, the final leg to the finish should take only 3 to 4 days giving them the opportunity to take part in this Transatlantic experience.

After the finish the fleet will be moored in Marina Davila in the centre of Vigo, where once again shore-side entertainment will be laid on for everyone to enjoy the scenic area surrounding Vigo and Baiona. The Superyacht Cup Transatlantic Challenge Prize Giving Dinner will be a grand black tie evening for all participants and sponsors before the yachts head off to the Mediterranean, northern Europe and beyond for their summer sailing programs.

Between 55 and 60 yachts are expected for The Superyacht Cup Ulysse Nardin in Palma next week (June 16th -19th) and several of these yachts will already be considering their sailing schedules for next year. Patrick Whetter Event Director, believes there will be huge interest in the event; “The Superyacht Cup Transatlantic Challenge will be an exciting new event for us. We have been organising superyacht sailing rallies for over 10 years and it is time to offer something new to yacht owners and crew. We have chosen the dates and course which should suit most cruising schedules, but offer something a little different to make their usual ‘delivery’ across the Atlantic into a more fun and competitive event.”

Start Antigua: April 8th & 9th
Estimated arrival Azores: April 17th
Start Azores: April 21st
Estimated Finish Vigo, N Spain: April 25th
Prize-giving Vigo: April 26th

Antigua – Azores 2,160 nm
Azores – Vigo 922 nm