The results ended as they started, with Scorpione dei Mari taking first place in the Cruising Class and a convincing win overall

There was the usual amount of grumbling about the ratings, apparently inevitable with such a wildly diverse fleet, and the competitive nature of owners and sailors – making poor Jim Teeters surely at once the most beloved and most hated man in the large yacht world. By the end of the day, however, after a good long race, the happy feel of the entire regatta resounded throughout the village with echoing Hurrahs, champagne cork gasps, back slaps and smacking kisses.

The results ended as they started, with Scorpione dei Mari gleefully sweeping in to a cumulative First in Cruising Class and a convincing win overall. Gorgeous Royal Huisman Gliss, always a strong performer, brought in second Place overall, and also a second in the Performance Class. Jongert Ithaka proved her Dutch creds by coming in third overall and second in Cruising Class.

Exemplifying the international nature of such events, the wins were rounded out with Alloy Irelanda sneaking into third Place in Cruising, while P2, Perini Navi’s lovely baby, of course ended up on the podium with a third in the Performance division.

Large yacht regattas are invariably sentimental and close-knit affairs, bringing together sailors from all over the world, some always sailing on the same teams, and many acting as hired guns, sharing their expertise on a different yacht each time, but the team spirit is part of the joy on every yacht.

It was the end of an era on Destination Fox H’br, as affable owner Ron Joyce, a veteran of many Superyacht Cups, Buckets and other races brought together his loyal crew for one final race, as his comfortable yacht will soon be handed over to a new owner. Also a bittersweet day for his brokers Annie Avery of N&J and Dubois’ James Troup, who announced that he is retiring from yachting after this race. They have successfully collaborated on several deals recently – proving that not all yacht brokers are ruthlessly selfish, and James’ wide smile will also be sorely missed.

Yet another yachting legend, the newly-named CBE Peter Harrison, owner of Sojana, honored his frequent team member, young Frenchwoman Alexia Barrier, to make Day Three of the Superyacht Cup on Sojana 4 My Planet Day, in recognition of her recent solo circumnavigation to raise environmental awareness – Bravo to both.

There was a whole lot of celebrating going on at the Prize Giving ceremony, held once again at the spectacular Es Baluard Museum, without a doubt one of the loveliest party venues anywhere. Scorpione dei Mari once again took up residence on the podium when they were awarded the Best Team Costume for their wacky Western-theme gear. Event Director Patrick Wetter did his usual excellent job of starting and finishing the awards ceremony quickly enough to allow the entire happy crowd plenty of time to celebrate together the end of yet another fantastic Superyacht Cup. The full moon shining on the huge group of race fans wildly dancing and singing to the tunes of the Red Sox perfectly rounded off another weekend to remember in Palma de Mallorca, where hospitality is warm, the sailing is hot, and the fun is unlimited.

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