Take a look at a video trailer for The Superyacht Cup Palma 2008

Yachting World prides itself in its coverage of some of the world’s most spectacular regattas but for all the power and beauty of print on paper, video is probably the most effective medium for capturing the power and beauty of large yachts under sail.

We are hoping to develop our online video coverage of superyacht events in conjunction with Acqua Films, a Caribbean based company specialising in custom yachting films. The company shoots footage on stabilised cameras in high definition quality and they have recently produced videos of The Superyacht Cup Palma, Antigua Classics and the Pendennis Cup in the UK, all events we have covered in the magazine.

If you go to our Supersail microsite (see home page) there is an opportunity to see a trailer for The Superyacht Cup Palma. We hope you enjoy it and look out for more movies from Acqua Films on that site.