The falcon scares off seagulls to ensure the British Sailing Team sleep well at the London 2012 sailing venue

The British Sailing Team rely on Felix the falcon to scare away seagulls and guarantee a good night’s sleep at their Olympic accommodation block.

In the days before Felix was a star-member of Skandia Team GBR, seagulls were a massive nuisance. Their early-morning squawking was disturbing the sleep of many of the team, and their fouling was damaging buildings and boats near the accommodation block by the Weymouth and Portland venue.

Thanks to Felix’s seagull-scaring abilities, the team can now get a good night’s sleep.

He’s such a popular member of the team that Felix has even starred in a light-hearted behind-the-scenes film about Skandia Team GBR.

The footage shows double Olympic gold medalist Iain Percy with team mate Andrew Simpson having their cake and eating it; triple Olympic Gold medalist Ben Ainslie with an interesting way of getting ‘in the zone’; 470 sailor Penny Clark tying team mates Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes in knots and 49er Olympic hopefuls Alain Sign and Dylan Fletcher using charts of the race area for more than studying the course.

View the video below: