Matthew Sheahan meets three Paralympic sailors who are working together to deal with their Olympic demons

Olympic profile: Hannah Stodel

Early ambitions – “I guess I always wanted to sail. My mum, Sue Bouckley (then Stodel), campaigned for the 470 Olympics in 1988”

How it all started – “I came through the youth squad system and wasn’t quite sure whether I’d go down the able-bodied or the disabled sailing route. I always thought Paralympic sailing was the weaker option. I went to train with Andy Cassell who opened my eyes and proved to me that it wasn’t about disabled sailing, but was racing at the end of the day. I was 15 when Cathy Foster spotted me”

Best/worst quality – “I am OCD to extreme levels. I can’t sleep without hoovering first or cleaning the bath. I guess I don’t know when to stop”

Hobbies and interests?
– “My two dogs, Bertie and Bille, golden retrievers”

How do you relax? – “Eating chocolate, making lists and watching boxed sets such as Alias and 24. I like to watch things in order”

What picks you up when you’re down?
– “Devour a family-sized chocolate bar and then go for a walk with the dogs”

Non-sailing ambition – “To buy a home”

What’s your plan ‘B’? – “I’d like to coach”

Pet hate – Disorganised, untidy people

Sporting hero
– Robin Knox-Johnston

Position on boat – Bow, jib trim

First class sailed – Mirror. But have sailed lots of different classes from Laser Radials, 470s, 49er, Merlin Rockets as well as keelboats

Favourite sailing venue – Miami

Favourite boat
– 29er for speed, Sonar for tactics

Current car
– BMW X1

Dream car – Mitsubushi Evo

Personal favourites

Band – Paramor
Book – Any Harry Potter book
Non-sailing item – Mulberry handbag, a 21st birthday present
iPhone app – Things, Producteev
iPod top 3 most played Aeroplanes – Bob, Playing God – Paramor, I slept with someone in Fall Out Boy – Fall Out Boy

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