One of the most important tools you can have on board your boat, the best Cobra VHF marine radio will allow you to contact other sailors and the coastguard.

Let’s take a closer look at the best Cobra VHF marine radios. If you’re looking for standard Horizon or Icom VHF marine radios, I’ve made separate guides for those too.

VHF radios are still one of the most important pieces of kit for any sailor, kayaker and paddleboarder. Despite mobile phones and other nifty new comms gadgets coming onto the market, the number one most recognized and mandated piece of kit is the VHF marine radio. It can be fixed or handheld or ideally you’ll have both if you’re on a boat larger than a small tender. If you’re a paddler then a VHF handheld is essential if you plan to go anywhere beyond sheltered water.

Don’t forget that any transmitting equipment such as VHF radio, radar or TV must be covered by an appropriate license so before you sail away into the sunset, check out our guide to satellite communication: how to stay connected at sea.

At a glance

Best Cobra VHF radio – Cobra MR HH500 FLT BT Handheld Floating VHF Radio

Best handheld Cobra VHF marine radio for phone connectivity – Cobra HH600 DSC handheld marine radio

Best portable Cobra VHF radioCobra MR HH350 VHF


Cobra MR HH500 FLT BT Handheld Floating VHF Radio

Cobra MR HH500 FLT BT Handheld Floating VHF Radio

Best Cobra VHF marine radio 

Battery life: 10 hours
• Waterproofing: IPX7
• Floating: Yes
• Weight: 272g
• DSC: No
• GPS: No

Reasons to buy: As well as being waterproof, you can also pair it with your phone via Bluetooth.

Reasons to avoid: Some other VHFs offer better battery life.

I have been using the Cobra HH500 VHF Handheld Marine Radio for the past six years. As Tech Editor here at Yachting World, I’ve tried a VHF marine radio or two, but what I like about the Cobra is that the Bluetooth connectivity with a mobile phone allows waterproof mobile phone calls.

A great feature on this handheld VHF, seen top right on the unit keypad is the rewind-say-again button, which allows you to quickly re-listen to the previous transmission as the unit records the last 20 seconds.

It charges via a drop-in holster/cradle, which has two cable options, one for 12v and the other for 240v charging. The Cobra HH500 also comes with an additional battery tray that takes 5 x AA batteries.

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Cobra HH600 DSC handheld marine radio

Cobra HH600 DSC handheld marine radio

Best handheld Cobra VHF marine radio for phone connectivity 

Battery life: 10 hours
Waterproofing: IPX8
Floating: Yes
Weight: 329g
DSC: Yes
GPS: Yes

Reasons to buy: We like that you can pair and use smartphone through it. It’s also fully waterproof and has great safety features.

Reasons to avoid: Some other VHFs offer better battery life and charge options.

The Cobra MR-HH600 is a floating handheld VHF radio with built-in GPS, allowing you to view exact coordinates, and also transmit your location. A great built-in function is the ability to pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and make phone calls, all while keeping your device safe and dry in a locker.

Along with others on the market, this radio features a flashlight with emergency strobe function.

The HH660 is able to float and features a waterproofing standard of IPX8. The radio unit is a DSC-equipped VHF allowing you to transmit identity and location details and has the ability to automatically record the last 20 seconds of VHF calls so you can always play back what you missed.

It is GPS-equipped and can show your coordinates, and is also equipped with a MOB button to allow marking and tracking of a casualty’s position in the water.

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Cobra MR HH350 VHF

Cobra MR HH350 VHF

Best portable Cobra VHF marine radio

Floating: Yes
Weight: 1.01kg
JIS7: Rated submersible and rugged to JIS7
Memory scan

Reasons to buy: We like that this device is portable, has excellent coverage and features a noise-cancelling microphone.

Reasons to avoid: Some reports that the clip which holds the radio in place is flimsy.

At 262g, Cobra’s HH350 is a bit heavier than the Icom IC-M25 EURO but the features are impressive and, with a few pounds off, the price is tempting.

You can select between 1, 3 and 6 Watt transmissions for short and long-range communication. The noise-cancelling microphone is paired with a ‘BURP’ facility that helps shake water out of the speaker grill for better clarity. And the tough, buoyant orange-trimmed case makes retrieval simple.

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Cobra F77 Fixed VHF GPS Marine Radio

Best Cobra fixed VHF marine radio


  • GPS: Yes
  • NOAA Weather Channels
  • Submersible
  • Weather Alert
  • Memory Scan

Reasons to buy: It has a large LCD display screen, great reception and clear sound.

Reasons to avoid: Channel buttons on the mic would be useful.

Deck your boat out with the Cobra F77. This incredible marine radio boasts features such as the ‘Rewind-Say-Again’ digital voice recorder, which is handy if you miss anything important over the receiver. But the benefits don’t stop there: it is easy to use and the grey design will look epic on your boat.

In the unlikely event that you need to send out a distress signal, this piece of kit will send out the exact location for the rescue teams to come and get you. It will give you peace of mind when onboard your vessel.

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