See this photo gallery of the superb Hoek Design superyacht Wisp, taken while cruising in Norway

  Wisp-lower dining cory silken_2014-06-10-0142  Wisp-lower salon cory silken_2014-06-10-0135     Wisp_Deck_012 - carlo baroncini  Wisp-owners deckhouse cory silken_2014-06-11-1103final  Wisp-owners suite cory silken_2014-06-10-0078final  Wisp-captains - guest cabin FWD cory silken_2014-06-10-0156final  Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-13-0112  Wisp_Deck_011 - carlo baroncini  Wisp-cory silken_2014-06-13-0098

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