Stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the sailor who has it all? Yachting World is here to help with 41 great ideas

11. Red Limited Edition SUP

Christmas gift ideas: Red inflatable paddleboard

Red’s 10ft 6in Ride model is the most popular and arguably most versatile all round inflatable stand-up paddleboard. Having relied on one on our boat for the last couple of summer seasons, I can vouch for it being a fantastic edition to the sail locker.

It’s ideal for getting to or from the beach, exercising/paddling or surfing when at anchor and it provides a dive platform and extra floating space for the kids. It comes with cargo tie-downs and three fins attached – and the pumps and backpacks supplied are also superb.


12. Spinlock Lume-On

Spinlock Lume-On

Christmas gift ideas: Lume-On

The simple ideas are the best. These compact LEDs stick to the underbelly of each bladder, which uses the large fluorescent surface like a diffuser to maximise the visibility of the flashing light.  Once activated, the Lume-On provides up to two hours of intense flashing light. It adds very little extra weight, has a smooth profile so will not chafe the bladder, and is very simple to retrofit to most lifejackets.

£14.94 per pair.

13. Karun recycled sunglasses

Christmas gift ideas: Karun VOR Sunglasses

This small company in Patagonia makes unbreakable sunglasses from recycled fishing nets collected from the coast of Chile. It worked with professional sailors to design sunglasses with technical [Zeiss polyamide] lenses designed to meet the demands of the Volvo Ocean Race. The frames have stainless steel hinges and rubber temple tips.

€245 for the VOR Sailing Edition.

14. Olaf Urban scooter


Christmas gift ideas: Olaf scooter

A neat, compact solution to getting around in foreign marinas and towns. The Olaf Urban combines four products in one: a kick-scooter, a trolley, a backpack and a skateboard. The Urban backpack is designed to carry the folded scooter. The combined backpack and trolley weigh just 3.5kg and the trolley can take a 120kg payload.

Price €224 for Urban (trolley and backpack).

15. Spot X

Christmas gift ideas: Spot X

A neat two-way satellite messenger, with communication via SMS or email. The Spot X has a Qwerty keyboard, can be linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts, and has tracking and SOS functions. Satellite coverage is via the Globalstar system.

€249 (ex. VAT). Subscription plans from €11.95-39.95 per month.

16. Astra esa smartwatch


Christmas gift ideas: Esa sailing smartwatch

The esa is the first smartwatch designed for sailing, fusing the sailor’s thirst for gadgetry with high-street technology. The esa watch uses wifi to display information from onboard instruments on your wrist. As well as the ability to show performance sailing data including speed and polar target data, the watch is still essentially a smartphone, offering full Android capabilities.

€299 from

17. Lemon California Roll Solar powered waterproof speaker

Christmas gift ideas: Lemon solar powered speaker

For those who don’t fancy drilling holes in their cockpit lockers, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the answer. The California Roll will play for up to 15 hours on a single charge of the battery and is fully waterproof, even when submerged. Integrated solar panels further extend the operation time and the 5000mAh battery can be used as a USB power bank to recharge other devices.

Price: US$249

18. Free Wheeling

Xmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas: Free Wheeling manual prop

This Australian innovation blends rowing with outboard motors to produce a clever lightweight solution for your tender. It uses a 3:1 gear ratio contained in the collar by the handle, driving a high-pitch propeller to provide a smooth, silent and fuel-less means of manual propulsion in either direction. Time to ditch the outboard, oars or both?

Price £125.

19. Rokk ultimate cable

Lifeedge Ultimate Cable

Christmas gift ideas: Rokk ultimate cable

If you’re going to get a waterproof case for your mobile device, you may want one of these charging cables too. The extra long (2m/6.5ft) and durable Ultimate cable is corrosion and tangle proof, and allows for waterproof phone charging when used with a compatible case.


20. Raymarine Ocean Scout TK

Xmas gifts

Christmas gift ideas: Raymarine thermal camera

Raymarine’s most affordable thermal camera to date, the Ocean Scout TK can extend vision afloat, day or night, by creating images from heat. It can spot objects up to 119m away, including boats, buoys, landmarks or wildlife. But its ability to potentially thermally identify a MOB could quickly make it high on sailors’ wishlists.

Price $599.

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