The shortlist for the European Yacht of the Year awards 2016 has been announced. Here is an introduction to each of the 25 yachts nominated, before we set about testing them this autumn


 European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Bente 24

This is one of the most innovative new launches we have seen in recent times, a pocket fast cruiser for €29k

You can see from my original blog about her here –  following her Dusseldorf luanch – how excited I got about this project. But will she live up to the hype? We’ll find out when we test her in October.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Corsair Pulse 600

For those seeking some sporty multihull fun at an affordable price, this contemporary 600 is designed to be light and fun, easy to rig and quick on the water. Indeed Corsair say it takes just 20 minutes to prepare a Pulse to sail. The floats fold quickly afloat or ashore, the main furls around the boom, and she weighs just 450kg – or below 750kg trailer weight which means she can be towed by all cars.
The Pulse can be sailed solo, but has a cockpit large enough to fit up to four people. Five are on their way to the UK this summer, and one will be exhibited alongside the Corsair Cruze 970 at the Southampton Boatshow this September. UK ready to race price circa £30k.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Fareast 28R

This is a simple, open cockpit one-design racer with an asymmetric kite and a retractable bowsprit. Designed by Simonis/Voogd, she is built by an expanding Chinese yard to weigh 1,300kg and for an impressive price of €38,500 ex works, ex sails and ex tax.



European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Farr 280

With her low freeboard, a beamy flat run aft, hard chines and a foredeck as open and uncluttered as a cricket pitch, the new Farr 280 makes no secret of what she’s about from the start – performance. Matt’s video during his trials tells the rest here


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Quant 23

The world’s first foiling keelboat! This Scow-like Swiss sportsboat uses the Dynamic Stability System, a retractable hydrofoil designed by Hugh Welbourn. This latest DSS version employed here not only provides extra righting moment, but extra vertical lift beneath the boat too – so in combination with a T-foil rudder it enables the Quant to fly. €60–65,000 ex VAT.

Unsurprisingly, we can’t wait to sail this one!


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