The shortlist for the European Yacht of the Year awards 2016 has been announced. Here is an introduction to each of the 25 yachts nominated, before we set about testing them this autumn


 European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Bali 4.3

Bali Catamarans is the brainchild of Olivier Poncin (formerly of Poncin Yachts and Dufour) combined with the build experience of Catana. It’s a potent mix of experience that has ensured the relatively new firm has created widespread appeal. The 4.3 Loft is one of a few new cats that promote outside-inside living spaces. So the cockpit and saloon area are left open, creating a vast combined living space. The 4.3 will be on display at Southampton Boatshow and the Annapolis Sailboat Show this autumn.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. CometCat 37

This looks an interesting new small cat, and the first mulithull from the Rome-based Comar yard. Having visited the yard to test Comet performance cruisers before, I can say that the build quality should be good and that there will be a focus on performance – her designer Marc Lombard is gifted in that respect. The 37 is high and offers plenty of volume in a three or four cabin layout, all for a reasonable asking price of €225,000.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Dazcat 1495

If you are the cruiser-racer type who enjoys sporty competition, an X-Yacht or J/Boat sailor perhaps, what would you look for in the comparative cat world? A Dazcat would be my advice.

I recently had the pleasure of sailing this new 1495 in strong breeze and swell off Plymouth, near to her Millbrook birthplace. And she is a blast. Her construction has been kept really lightweight (6.7T) and super-stiff, in vacuumed-infused foam sandwich, and you can really feel it via the twin helms. She is designed to both be able to sail across and ocean and to take part in offshore races. Her first big outing will be the Fastnet Race this year. Price is circa €600k ex VAT.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Dragonfly 25

This is one of the recent launches that I am still itching to sail. Some intriguing new ideas make trimaran visionary Jens Quorning’s latest design one of the most exciting yet. Innovative kick-up rudders are incorporated on the floats to keep complete control, and you can tiller steer from the cockpit or either float. The whole boat including trailer weighs 1,600kg, so folded (2.3m beam), she can be towed behind a normal car.
The 25 is offered in standard ‘Touring’ guise, or in a tricked-up, powerful ‘Dynamic’ version with taller carbon mast. From €69,900 ex VAT.


European Yacht of the Year 2015 nominee

  1. Slyder 47

Slyder is a German company selling quality catamarans designed in France and built in Italy, under Swiss project management! Switzerland’s Christian Paulitsch who manages the production, previously worked at the Sauber Formula One team, built his own planes and worked at Ferretti and Wally Yachts.

Designed by Francois Perus, the Slyder 47 is a premium quality, fast cat, a lightweight build capable of 250-300nm daily runs – long voyages with a small crew at high speed. A multitude of options are offered including interior trim styles and layout options, from two to four cabins. From €549,0000.



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