An unusual request for assistance

It’s quite normal to hear a call on the VHF to the fleet from a yacht who is in need of a spare part, or an extra pair of hands to help with something, but yesterday’s call from the owner of Musket Cove Resort “Oyster World Rally fleet – do you have a vet on board?” really was a first.

Sadly we don’t have a vet in our company, but our ever-willing resident doctors from the Oyster 56 Chinook – Malcolm and David offered their services, and were soon speeding across the island as fast as their golf buggy would allow, to attend to the casualty.

Billy-Bob – the island’s favourite goat, had a delicate problem. We won’t embarrass him here by giving details to the world, but David was able to show off his surgical expertise, and Malcolm assisted by giving an antibiotic injection.

The better-side of Billy is pictured post-operation and I’m sure you can see the relieved expression on his face…

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