Your'e not going to believe this, but WallyIsland, complete with gardens, helicopters and a fleet of yachts, is the latest crack from the 'fertile' mind of WallyDesign


No this isn’t a joke – at least I don’t think it is?.. Wally, who seem to have an endless capacity to surprise, have come of with what must be the craziest and yet most fascinating powerboat project imaginable. The WallyIsland is a 325ft mega yacht with its own garden – more like a park actually – swimming pool (nothing out of the ordinary there), helipad and an aft deck for parking two Wallypower 47s, a couple of 28ft yachts, two vans, six jetskis, two Lasers, a crane to shift it all and?well it’s difficult to know where to stop. Wally say: “This is a piece of ‘land’ where you can play your favourite sport, grow your favourite plants and enjoy your favourite outdoor activity!”

It’s got fuel tanks so big that the WallyIsland will be able to travel 150,000 miles without stopping or for five years, whichever comes first as they say. The fuel drives generators which in turn feed the electric motors which propel the yacht. Probably not a bad carbon footprint and think what all that greenery is pumping back into the atmosphere.

There are 12 suites for 24 guests, cinema, fitness and ‘wellness’ centre – there’s probably somewhere to have your head examined?

WallyIsland can be used for conventions, exhibitions and fashion shows and with its four Quantum Extendable Zero Speed Fin stabilisers it’ll be as solid as a rock. Let’s just hope it doesn’t hit one?.

Read more about it in Yachting World, April, out in March.