Liara is on the home stretch with a chance of beating Leopard on corrected time


It’s 0800 on the final day and we’re just south of the Wolf Rock trying to reach Plymouth by 1450 which, by our calculations would put us ahead of Leopard on corrected time. A decent scalp.

At this speed, 12.5 knots but nearer 10 knots to the mark as we gybe downwind in 14-15 knots of true, it really is going to be touch and go. Even the joke telling session has been curtailed in the interests of extra concentration. The big asymmetric and the spinnaker staysail are doing good work.

It’s been another bloody dreary leg in terms of the weather, very poor vis and dodging smaller yachts on their way out to the Rock. Poor sods! But with radar and two guys spotting on the bow we’ve picked up most things (including a lobster pot off the Scillies which we cleared off the rudder) but at least it has been fast, the sea is flat and the yacht is upright and not pounding. Bacon sandwiches for breakfast and the prospect of no more nasty night watches are cheering.

We’re still having a tussle with Hexe which is out there somewhere in the clag but Whisper is way ahead of us and we marvel at the Open 60s which flew home and have or are finishing right now.

Just off watch – we might just make the glory watch as we sweep into Plymouth this afternoon?.!