1000 days at sea schooner was built with 'fer-a-lite'


I have written before about Reid Stowe and Soanya Ahmad who, on board the 60ft schooner Anne currently near the Equator in the eastern Atlantic, are attempting to stay at sea for 1,000 days without stopping and without any re-supply. They have currently been out there for 81 days so there’s quite a while to go.

Stowe built Anne himself using an unusual form of construction. Called Fer-A-Lite it is, in concept, similar to ferro cement construction but instead of using reinforcing rods, chicken wire and cement, is a system with wire ‘planks’ laid over frames and then plastered with a thermosetting polyester resin with various additives. Other than being much lighter than ferro, it also has the advantage that it can be plastered in sections so the ‘plaster day panic’ of ferro which has to be done in one go is avoided. The fact that Anne survived being run down by a ship early in the voyage, damaging only her bowsprit is, perhaps, testament to the material’s strength.
www.fer-a-lite.com. http://1000daysatsea.blogspot.com/