Reid Stowe and partner Soanya Ahmad will reach a landmark 200th day at sea tomorrow


I’ve written about this couple before. Sailing the 60ft home-built ferro/polyester schooner Anne, they are attmepting to spend 1000 days at sea without putting into port nor re-provisioning. 1,000 days, incidentally, is the estimated time it will take man to reach Mars and so this expedition is also known as the Mars Ocean Odyssey.

Having left New York in April the couple have meandered around the Atlantic at a slow but steady pace, rarely exceeding 4 knots and have managed to cross the equator three times. They are currently headed south, aiming to round the Cape of Good Hope within the next month or so. So far they have survived a bad gale soon after leaving and being run down by a ship which caused some damage to the bow.

They seem to exist on freshly grown bean sprout salad (yes, mung beans no less) and dried mahi mahi which Reid seems adept at catching.

Keep it up, only 800 days to go!