If you cannot watch the AC Match races you can listen to live reports on ACM Radio


Here is Yachting World’s Technical and Racing Editor, Matthew Sheahan, fully wired in his role as commentator for ACM Radio, which transmits race reports while racing is underway. His speciality is weather and wind which, with Valencia’s fickle breezes, can be a tricky job.

Anchorman for ACM Radio is AC veteran, Canadian Peter Rusch and the third member of the permanent team is Jordy Shaver who was bowman on BMW Oracle in the 2002/3 Cup. Jordy seems to have drawn the short straw as he reports in from a RIB chasing around the course, as opposed to the other two who operate from the relative comfort of the press boat along with endless supplies of nerve jangling Nespresso coffee. Guest reporter for the ACC Match races is American Tom Burnham who sailed with Luna Rossa until they were knocked out of the Louis Vuitton semi finals.

ACM Radio starts transmitting 15 minutes before the start of any race locally on 99.5FM, on VHF Channel 71 or online at www.america’scup.com.