A journalist's perspective is one thing but what's it like through a spectator's eyes?


Today, instead of staying near the sailing and news action I took a stroll along the banks of the canal from the AC bases to the open sea, to which spectators flock in their thousands to see the boats going out and a couple of hours later, errrm, back in again. Yesterday, apparently, there were a record 70,000 of them.

So what do they get out of it? It’s not easy to follow the racing taking place a mile or more offshore except on a couple of giant screens. I thing it’s an excuse for a grand day out with the kids. It was a sunny day, entry to the Port America’s Cup is free, even if there are long queues waiting for the airport style security checks and there are all sorts of freebies for the kids from blow up AC balloons, Alinghi flags, fewer ENTZ flags and some boats coming in and out for something called the America’s Cup which is the biggest thing in yachting. And the home team did pretty well didn’t they? Let’s hope Alinghi wins so it all happens again in two or three years.

Mind you on the right hand bank things are a bit more partisan. This is camp Kiwi, the AC equivalent to Henman hill and lined with Kiwi flags, banners and a lot of noise when the Emirates TNZ boat leaves and even more noise today when it came back.

Picture show the crowds with the Foredeck Club in the background..