As anyone who's tried to work out the true relative costs of similar boats will know, comparing apples with apples in the yacht world is as easy as getting a quote from a taxi driver.

Nevertheless, determined to create a typical on the water cost comparisons and as part of the Yachting World boat test analysis, we have waded through the extras lists to compile cost comparisons for some of the boats that we have tested.

In doing so we have established a selection of items that represent what we believe to be a typical shopping list of items for a sail-away package, along with some extras to mull over. The extras that aren’t highlighted are simply there for reference. Clearly the sky’s the limit when it comes to spending money on gear and we have made no attempt to price up safety items such as lifejackets, harnesses, flares etc. items like these would be common to all boats.

In order to provide a meaningful comparison we have totted up the YW selected extras highlighted in yellow and shown the totals both inc and ex VAT at the bottom of the columns.

The prices are published in £ Sterling and are either based on a UK price list for the boats, or on the local currency to which an exchange rate is applied. If the latter is the case the exchange rate is shown. Because of variations in specifications for different builders, countries and markets, some of the extras are not available as factory options.

Lastly, the comparisons are intended as a guide only, for precise costings you will need to contact the builders or their agents directly.
We hope you find the information useful. If you have any comments please contact us at


Download the Beneteau Cyclades 43, Harmony 42 & Bavaria 42 here

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