The Paterson brother and sister team are ready for battle on the high seas

Global Challenge crew volunteer Duncan Paterson, aboard Vaio, has more than enough on his plate as he heads off round the world on Sunday. Not only does he have the added responsibility of being one of the yacht’s medics but also he has the pressure of sibling rivalry. Paterson (26) – Systems Support engineer for BT – signed up for the race four years ago but once his sister Nicola (29) found out about his news, she decided to sign up too. “Actually,” said Duncan, “because we get on really well I was more than happy about the idea at the time.”

Not quite so happy about the idea, however, were the parents. “At first,” Duncan added, “they thought we were both totally mad but they’ve gradually come round to the idea and are really up for it now. Obviously they are concerned about us both going off into the unknown especially having watched the heavy weather videos but they are very supportive and behind us.”

Nicola aboard ‘Me to You’ is currently very relaxed about the idea of her brother potentially beating her on the water commenting: “It’s very friendly rivalry at the moment – we just want each other to do well. The most interesting situation we get ourselves into is at home. If I tell mum something about the boat or the way we do things on the boat I say: ‘Don’t tell Duncan!’ Obviously we talk about a lot of stuff but when it comes to race tactics we don’t really want them [Vaio] knowing what we have planned.”

Duncan concluded: “Obviously we both want to do well but one of us has got finish ahead of the other. As long as it’s me, that’s fine!”