Team Save the Children has successfully evacuated injured Global Challenge crew

Team Save the Children has successfully evacuated an injured Crew Volunteer who sustained a hip injury following the yacht freefalling off a freak wave, on Leg 4 of the Global Challenge.

Adrian Albrighton, a 31-year-old Field Technician from West Bromwich, UK was in his bunk in one of the mid-cabins when the yacht was hit by a wave and became airborne. Current reports indicate that Adrian – a legger – was injured when the subsequent impact threw him against a heavily padded bunk tube.

The transfer was safely executed in gale force conditions. A paramedic rendezvoused with the yacht at Storm Bay, near Hobart, Tasmania in position 43 38s 151 17 e at 10.34 GMT. Adrian was then transferred to a rib before being airlifted to hospital via helicopter. His condition is described as stable.

Dr Sarah Droog, the yacht’s Doctor, in consultation with the Challenge Medical Officer, Dr Spike Briggs, and Derriford Hospital Accident and Emergency Department (Plymouth, UK) decided that the injury to Adrian’s hip required hospital attention and that it was not prudent for him to spend another 32 days at sea en route to Cape Town.

Skipper Paul Kelly and all the other members of the crew are reported to be safe and well and have resumed racing at 12.11 GMT, having motored back to the course via the most direct route.