Team Stelmar wins Leg 6 of the Global Challenge

Leg 6 of the Global Challenge – the transatlantic sprint from Boston to La Rochelle – was won by Clive Crosby and crew aboard Team Stelmar yesterday, recording a time of 14 days, 16hours, 37 minutes, 33 seconds. See yesterday’s news story here. 

Throughout the race the crew, who had two major medical evacuations in the Southern Ocean, said they could do it and today they proved it, beating second place BG Spirit by just 32 minutes and 36 seconds.

“It’s an awesome feeling,” explained winning skipper, Clive Cosby. “Technically we played it a little bit differently and it really worked out. We’re absolutely over the moon; a great result.”

Looking forwards he said: “We want another win now so we’re up towards the top of the pack. After everything we’ve been through it’s our proudest moment!”

BG Spirit took second place over the line, finishing at 06:10:09 GMT. Skipper, Andy Forbes and his team moved into second place just in time and although positions are provisional at this stage, they look set to retain their place at the top of the overall leaderboard.

He explained: “We’re absolutely ecstatic as we fought hard out there. Our aim was to get in front of BP Explorer and Spirit of Sark and we did it. We put a whole boat between us so we’ve got a 5-point buffer for the next leg. We’re very, very, very happy!”

In third place Imagine It. Done, skippered by Dee Caffari took the last remaining podium position over the line by beating BP Explorer and Me to You – 11 minutes between the inseparable three at the end.

“Finally we have made it onto the podium!” enthused skipper Dee Caffari, clearly happy with the result, writing just after sealing their provisional spot. “The crew worked so hard the whole way through that it’s really good to see it pay off this time.

“It was pretty heavy sailing last night but we just needed a strong iron will to keep going. We were within sight of seven boats all last night” Asked about the competition for the final stretch she continued: “It’s going to be even tighter for the last leg.”

They finished Leg 6 at 06:29:31 GMT to claim third place, just 8 minutes and 32 seconds later before BP Explorer who narrowly missed out on the podium spot at 06:37:53.

Me to You quickly followed, ending a three-way fight to the line. James Allen and his team finished just 2 minutes and 52 seconds after BP Explorer.

Barclays Adventurer were next to finish, 24 minutes behind Me To You. Spirit of Sark just a few miles behind them and on their final run to the line crossed 22 minutes behind again, completing the arrival of the group of 7 teams that has been separated by just 15nm or less for days on end.

Pindar were just a couple of hours back, approaching the finish line at an impressive average speed of 11.5 knots.

Team Save the Children were next finishing 1 hour 17 minutes behind Pindar with VAIO snapping hard on their heels in 10th place, one hour 23 minutes behind. SAIC La Jolla, winning for earlier stages of the race, crossed the finish line in 11th place.

All the yachts will be berthed in the Bassin des Chatuliers in the heart of the old town in La Rochelle. To get to the pontoons they have to enter via a lock, and access is only available at restricted times: Samsung may well be out of time to get through the lock, which will obviously add to the frustrations for the crew.

Leg results

Team Stelmar 14days 16 hours 37 minutes 33 seconds

BG SPIRIT 14 d 17h 10m 9s

Imagine It. Done. 14d 17h 29m 31s

BP Explorer 14d 17h 37m 53s

Me To You 14d 17h 40m 45s

Barclays Adventurer 14d 18h 4m 14s

Spirit of Sark 14d 18h 26m 39s

Pindar 14d 21h 12m 18s

Team Save the Children 14d 22h 31m 31s

VAIO 14d 23h 54m 11s

SAIC La Jolla 15d 0h 27m 38s

Samsung Still racing