They may have lost the lead in the Round Britian Challenge but Team Logica still have their fighting spirit

The wind has finally done as predicted by the weather faxes and come round more to the south-west than from the south. This is a hugh relief as rather than being faced with endless tacks to windward, we can now harden up and stay on this same starboard tack as we head for Smith’s Knoll which is currently a tantalising 235 miles away.

At watch change this evening (19.00) our watch came up on deck to hear ‘watch boss’ Sergeant Major Robinson (Tony) shouting less than politely for all hands to help – while changing headsails, the number 1 had fallen over the side and was trailing in the water, saved from being lost by still being attached at the tack. After much more shouting from everybody and a lot of scuttling about, we managed to organise ourselves to get a sail tie through the clew and haul the sail back on board. A knackering start to the watch.

Minds are starting to turn towards the first things we will do when we get home – apart from the obvious showers and booking into health farms for pampering sessions, other responses have been ‘large glass of wine’ from ‘Sir’John to Matt Crook who is desperate to see his kids and then to play his guitar. I am not sure I can answer that question yet – it feels like tempting fate to allow the my mind to wander to all those things which feel like luxuries now but once back home we will all take for granted once more.