On day 72 and lying in 9th position despite his unscheduled stop in South Africa Conrad Humphreys sailing Hellomoto round this infamous cape

“Last night was pretty special. I felt like a small boy in a toy shop, I was so excited! I managed to get a full visual of Cape Horn probably at about 8 or 9 o’clock local time.  The sun was just going down and the sky was quite stormy looking.  I got quite close into the rock which was fantastic.  I am really pleased and pleased for the whole Motorola Ocean Racing team, everyone has all worked so hard for this.  It has been a tough race and I knew it would be for many different reasons. To get to this turning point and start heading north is such a massive milestone and bigger than all the other milestones.  It’s nice to see it first hand and share the experience which is quite a memorable one I can tell you.  The chance to get in quite close is a first.  I have been twice around this rock, once in each direction, I have never seen it first hand so I wanted to have a good look and do the normal pose for a few photographs.  I had a little bottle of champagne after my dinner and thanked the albatrosses for looking out for me through the Pacific and toasted a few other people as well. I sat and chilled out as the boat skimmed along just in front of the rocks and just enjoyed the moment.  It was nice not to have to bash my way around the rock.  I think I paid my dues in the storm a few days beforehand.  It was a pretty special moment.