As the Global Challenge fleet heads towards Waypoint Bravo, Imagine. It Done leads the pack after BP Explorer decides to go south

BP Explorer has sacrificed the lead in leg four of the Global Challenge in a tactical gamble on the approach to Waypoint Bravo, just north of the Kuergelen Islands in the Southern Indian Ocean. The tactic has left them 13 miles behind Imagine It. Done.

They headed south to line themselves up for the mark, in anticipation of the strong winds from the southwest that will soon approach the fleet as the low pressure passes underneath.

David Melvile, skipper of BP Explorer, clearly believes his former position would have left him sailing too far north, and therefore further from the great circle route to Cape Town that will take the fleet south again after rounding the mark.

Crew Volunteer, Naomi Cudmore said: “We have purposefully cashed in our first-place position. We’re getting some south in, hopefully to better set ourselves up for that 2,500 mile long line to Cape Town. Whether or not this relatively bold move pays off will be impossible to determine until we finally round Bravo – probably on Monday.”

In tenth place sits BG SPIRIT who has been heading south for some time, also hoping the winds backing to the southwest and building in strength up to 30-35 knots will propel them through the rankings over the weekend.

In former second place, Imagine It. Done. have taken the lead. Placing last on the overall leader board after its previous legs, skipper Dee Caffari promised her crew in Sydney they would be concentrating on boat speed and staying in touch with the fleet. Dee comments on their improved performance: “We always knew we could sail the boat, but now we’re pointing it in the right direction as well!”


1. Imagine It. Done. 3,088nm2. BP Explorer 3,101nm3. Spirit of Sark 3,108nm4. Team Stelmar 3,114nm5. Pindar 3,126nm6. Barclays Adventurer 3,128nm7. SAIC La Jolla 3,147nm8. Samsung 3,152nm9. Me to You 3,162nm10.BG SPIRIT 3,170nm11.VAIO 3,206nm12.Team Save the Children 3,311nm