Following on from the X6, the Danish builder introduces a smaller X4. The range will sit between the company’s cruiser (c) and performance (p) ranges, says Toby Hodges

Two years ago X-Yachts announced a new flagship, the appealing X6. Although later than anticipated, the first of these 63-footers is due to launch this April and three have now sold. News that a smaller X4 model will also launch this summer confirms a whole new ‘X’ branded range for the Danish builder and will hopefully re-energise interest in the X6.

With cruising (Xc), performance (Xp), and racing (Xr) ranges already in X-Yachts’ portfolio however, is there really room for another line, and how will it differ? I spoke to X-Yachts co-founder and designer Niels Jeppesen, who explains how this new X line should sit nicely between the Xc and Xp ranges. See our test of the Xc45 here.

X-Yachts’ background is in cruiser-racers. It launched a cruising range to cater for its more mature customers in 2008, before refocusing on its modern cruiser-racers. The vacuum-infused epoxy Xp range, the first with composite hull liners, was IRC-oriented so was kept as light as possible, with weight reserved for the keel bulb.

“Many clients felt that the Xps are too race-oriented and the Xcs too heavy and classic-looking,” says Jeppesen. “So we went back to X-Yachts’ roots to design a very good, fast cruising yacht.”

“Sexy, modern-looking boat”

This has similar modern lines to an Xp, but with slightly higher freeboard, two inches more beam and slightly fuller hull lines. “The X range is for those who want a sexy, modern-looking boat, but whose priority is cruising.”

The X range is a more luxurious and cruising-oriented version of the Xp then. In comparison, an X is only around eight per cent heavier, but has slightly greater interior volume, plus increased payload capacity. The X4 and X6 use the same vacuum-infused epoxy hulls as the Xp, but include X-Yachts’ renowned steel grid for absorbing keel loads.

X4 Owners Cabin

Recent keel loss cases involving production yachts reinforced in Jeppesen’s mind the notion that safety must come first. “The safest thing you can do is to have a steel frame [to which the keel is attached].”

Will it be competitive with an Xp? “We’ll see,” says Jeppesen coyly. “An X client may never race, but we have built it in a way that he can race if he wants to and won’t be laughed at.”

The X4 will launch soon after the X6, in early summer this year.

Price ex VAT €279,000 (£215,210).


LOA 12.50m/41ft 0in

LWL 11.31m/37ft 2in

Beam 3.95m/13ft 0in

Draught 2.20m/7ft 3in

Disp 8,850kg/19,511lb