We ask top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest and most innovative yachts of our times. Juan Kouyoumdjian nominates Dilemma

Legendary American yacht designer Nathaneal G Herreshoff is famed for his spectacular America’s Cup designs, drawing every Cup winner for nearly 40 years from 1893-1934. However, among ‘Capt

Nat’s’ prolific output of nearly 2000 designs were many smaller yachts which featured innovations that went on to have a lasting impact on yacht design.

Among them was his own 38ft wooden gaff sloop racing yacht Dilemma launched in 1891.

Dilemma was the first to successfully carry a radical fin keel, made of a steel fin with a lead bulb.

Juan K comments: “It was the first time Nat truly departed from the trend of the time: hull lines to minimise wetted surface even when the boat was heeled, a spade rudder and – for the first time – a keel with lead bulb. Dilemma was very much a reference and ahead of its time.”

Nat’s own verdict was ‘very satisfactory and fast, except in light airs, when speed was not remarkable.’ Nevertheless, Dilemma won every race she entered.

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Dilemma stats rating:

Top speed: 8 knots
LOA: 11.6m/38ft
Launched: 1891
Berths: 0
Price: unknown
Adrenalin factor: 70%

Juan Kouyoumdjian

Naval architect Juan Kouyoumdjian, widely known as ‘Juan K’, has created successful and distinctive racing yachts including Rambler 88, and three Volvo Ocean Race winners: ABN Amro One, Ericsson 4 and Groupama 4 (now racing as Wizard). He is also the designer behind the ClubSwan line, including the giant Skorpios and new ClubSwan 80.