This Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board set is reduced by 63% for Black Friday and is now just $224.95. As a paddle board tester I'd recommend it for beginners

This Roc Inflatable stand up paddle board from American manufacturer Roc is now just $224.95 for Black Friday. We should flag up here that although the listed discount is 63% we have have seen the price this low once before, for Amazon Prime Day earlier this year. But this is still the joint cheapest it’s ever been, so take the discount % with a pinch of salt.

Ultimately, you’re here because you want to know if you should buy this deal. As a paddle board tester I can safely say that this package would suit any beginner to the sport. With a 2 year warranty from Roc you can be safe in your purchase and it is a good buy compared to other similar options on the market.

Don’t forget, if you want to get the best price, you’ll have to be an Amazon Prime member – if you aren’t already, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

Roc 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board starter kit – save 44%
Was $599.99 Now: $224.95
This offer is a great way to get on the water. With a manual pump, two paddles, a fin, ankle tether and a dry bag, this bundle includes everything you need to start paddle boarding – and it’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this board.

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As is increasingly the case with inflatable paddle board manufacturers, this Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes as a set with pump, leash, fins, bag, and paddle. This makes it a great option for those new to the sport of paddle boarding providing everything you need to get started in one easy package.

Paddle boards that are sold as sets such as this one, are almost always aimed at the beginner – for fairly obvious reasons as experienced paddlers will usually have paddles etc. already. As such this board is pretty clearly a beginner board and measures in at 10ft long, 33in wide, and 6in deep. These are pretty typical beginner dimensions and are almost identical to other market leaders such as the Bluefin Cruise paddle board.

If you re new to the sport then this all means a very big, very stable platform that will give you the best chance of standing up and paddling from your first time out. However, size does come with some drawbacks. Although the longer a board is, the further it will glide for each stroke the wider it is, the more difficult it will be to paddle in waves and the deeper it is the more affected it will be by wind.

All paddle boards are something of a compromise and generally as a beginner you are most likely to be paddling in relatively flat and calm conditions so the added stability offered by a bigger board is an acceptable compromise.

The max inflation of this board is 15psi. While that is fast becoming industry standard, it is also worth noting that the more a board can be inflated the better it performs – allowing more energy from each stroke to go directly into forward momentum. Some premium brands such as Red Original paddle boards pump up to 20psi, which does deliver significantly better performance, though at increased manufacture cost.

Again this is unlikely to be an issue for the beginner, but something to bear in mind – and remember on a hot day you will want to pump it up to less than 15psi to ensure it does not pop as the air inside heats up and expands!

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