The Bluefin 10ft 8in Cruise paddle board offers a whole package for beginners to get on the water and surprised me with it's quality for the price

Product Overview


  • Great everything-you-need kit for the money.
  • Good quality
  • Inflates to 15PSI
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Some of the accessories feel lower quality than the board
  • Relatively heavy when packed up with all extras


Bluefin 10ft 8in Cruise paddle board review

In the last few years, stand up paddle boards have become increasingly popular and, as a result, hundreds of manufacturers have sprung up offering paddle board kits aimed squarely at the casual or first time paddler and the Bluefin 10ft 8in Cruise is just one such kit. But does it deliver on the water?

I can’t be alone in being deeply suspicious about any number of the cheap paddle board options on Amazon and so, when I first came across a Bluefin paddle board kit a couple of years back, heavily discounted in an Amazon sale, I was very dubious of the quality that might be on offer.

However, I’ve now been testing the Bluefin 10ft 8in Cruise paddle board kit for a couple of months and can report that it is far, far better than I had assumed.

Is it the best inflatable paddle board on the market? No. Is it surprisingly good for the cost? Absolutely.

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Bluefin 10ft 8in Cruise Paddle board construction

Bluefin says their range of Cruise boards boast several features that set them apart from the competition. They are constructed with military-grade PVC material, which offers exceptional durability, ensuring it can withstand bumps, scrapes, and rough waters. Its rigid design allows for improved weight distribution and prevents flexing, delivering a stable platform for riders of all skill levels.

As mentioned I’ve been paddling on this board for a few months, so would not feel comfortable making a judgement on long-term durability. But the build quality seems very good and there are certainly no signs to date that my opinion on that will change.

The Bluefin Cruise paddle board range come as a complete package, including a paddle, leash, backpack, dual-action pump, and repair kit and even, in the model I have been using, a waterproof phone case. It really is a case of buy this and get straight out on the water.

One area I would note, however, is that the board itself and the paddle are both of higher quality than the rest of the accessories.

The pump is perfectly serviceable but if you are going to be going out regularly you’ll probably want to invest in a paddle board pump that can inflate the board a little quicker – or an electric pump, which makes things much, much easier.

The bag, though well thought out with plenty of pockets and straps, does not feel of the highest quality and I suspect it could well be the first thing to show serious signs of wear.

On the water

The board features a tri-fin setup, which should enhance tracking and manoeuvrability. I’ve been testing this alongside many other paddle boards, some with a longer single fin and some with tri-fin setups.

For the market this is aimed at, either choice is fine. The tri-fin tracks slightly better than a single, though the single is easier to pivot around if you want to perform a sharp turn or turn from stationary.

The process by which the fins clip into the board – most inflatable paddle boards have removable fins for rolling up the board when deflated – is excellent. They sit in a socket and have a small lever which locks them in place.

Other manufacturers use a slide in fin style with a pin to lock it in place. This latter option is much more susceptible to sand getting into the slot and preventing the fin from sliding in. Though lots of sand might be a problem with the Bluefin setup, it does deal with a little sand very well.

When I first got into paddle boarding one of the pieces of advice that was shared with me about buying an inflatable board was to ensure that it could pump up to at least 15PSI. The higher pressure a board can take the better it is to paddle, the more direct feedback you get from the board and the more energy from each stroke goes into moving the board forward – instead of energy being lost flexing the board. However, for manufacturers, higher pressures mean more complexity and manufacture and thus more cost.

Th Bluefin Cruise advises to pump up to 15PSI, so it does pump up to an acceptable level. It is not as much as some of the very top-end brands (Red Original paddle boards typically pump up to 20PSI for example.

While the Bluefin Cruise 10ft 8in paddle board offers numerous benefits, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before making a purchase. Firstly, due to its slightly shorter length, experienced riders looking for maximum speed might prefer a longer paddle board.

That being said, it’s very stable for paddling and has a fair amount of buoyancy thanks to its width and depth. Of course this does also mean it is more effected by wind and waves than other, smaller designs.

I like that the grip runs almost all the way to the tail of the board, meaning you still have grip to stand on if you have a heavy dry bag strapped to the attachment point on the nose of the board – or a small child – both of which would see you stand much further back than normal

This model excels in versatility and manoeuvrability, making it well-suited for most novice or occasional paddlers.

While the backpack makes transportation convenient, and the inclusion of everything you need to get on the water, as a package it is up there in weight terms so carrying the complete set may be challenging for some smaller users. Certainly I wouldn’t want to carry the whole kit a long way.

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