Isle has launched a new paddleboard called the switch, which can be quickly and easily converted into a kayak

American company, Isle, a stand up paddle board manufacturer based out of San Diego has unveiled what they are referring to as a hybrid watercraft that doubles as both kayak and paddle board.

The new launch is called the Switch and is able to convert from paddle board to kayak in seconds. Based broadly on an inflatable paddle board, it’s relatively light weight, tipping the scales at a little over 8.5kg. It does not aim to be the best paddle board on the market, but the point here, is to create a versatile options that spans both the paddle board and kayak worlds.

Isle says that the concept was designed from the ground up to offer flexibly for the increasing numbers of people exploring coastal and inland waterways on personal craft.

Users will be able to quickly convert the board from a SUP to kayak thanks to the (patent-pending) IsleLink connection system; a series of rugged webbing loops that run the length of the board rails matched with stainless steel G-hooks on all IsleLink accessories. Using this system, The Switch can be easily configured for solo or tandem kayak use and a wide range of other set-ups in both kayak and paddleboard modes, including connecting two boards together.

“When designing the Switch we wanted to maximise versatility without sacrificing stability or performance for both sit-on-top kayak and stand-up paddleboard use,” explained VP of Product Jimmy Blakeney. “The Switch is an absolutely terrific paddleboard, but we spent just as much time designing the seat and foot brace for all-day comfort, support, and adjustability. Best of all it gives paddlers the freedom to customize and configure their set-up to match how they choose to spend time on the water on any particular day.”

Other features include full-length soft and grippy traction pad supports (designed for comfort for yoga, pets, kids, and lounging). Using G-Hooks and IsleLink connection system, users can also secure accessories to the board.

The kayak-mode seats have a 4-inch inflatable seat cushion and fiberglass-reinforced seat backs for all-day comfort and control on the water.

The Switch was announced in mid-Jine 2022 and will be on sale by the end of the month.

Buy the Switch now at Isle surf and sup

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