“This boat is all about bringing younger people into multihull sailing,” says the builder, so it’s a fun boat at an affordable price, writes Toby Hodges

For those seeking some sporty multihull action at an affordable price, this contemporary 20-footer, the Corsair Pulse 600, is designed to be light and fun, easy to rig and speedy to sail.

Corsair maintains it takes just 20 minutes to prepare a Pulse to sail. The floats fold out quickly afloat or ashore, the main furls around the boom, and she weighs just 450kg. This means her trailer weight is below 750kg, so she is light enough to be towed by most normal cars.

“The whole concept/brief of the boat was born out of an ageing population of multihull sailors and a lack of younger sailors coming through,” declares Mike Rees, general manager of Corsair Marine International. “At the top end of the multihull scene, you have the most amazing Formula 1 boats, but there is little at the lower end that offers enough performance at an affordable price while still being able to have fun with a young family.

“This boat is all about bringing younger people into multihull sailing, doing it with uncomplicated sailing systems and having some serious fun.”

The Pulse can be sailed solo, but has a cockpit large enough to accommodate up to four people. The standard boat is built with a carbon ringframe, carbon-reinforced rudder and daggerboard, plus a rotating wingmast. It’s available in four colours.

Five Pulses were already on their way to the UK this summer, and one will be exhibited alongside the Corsair Cruze 970 at the Southampton Boat Show in September.

Corsair is doing innovative work to keep the price down. The boats are designed to fit maximum numbers into a container for shipping. They are sent on galvanised cradles, Rees explains, which can then be used as a road trailer cradle or beach trolley.

Price ex tax US$35,900. UK ready to race circa £30,000. www.corsairmarine.com


LOA 6.00m/19ft 8in

Beam 4.50m/14ft 9in

Draught 0.22m/0ft 9in

Displacement 450kg/992lb