We're hand-picking the best Cyber Monday Garmin watch deals this week. Here are the 8 deals we recommend right now...

Garmin make some of the best smartwatches available anywhere on the market. We’ve reviewed several Garmin watches and we rate them very highly, so this Cyber Monday we’ll be scoured all the biggest retailers for the current and upcoming Cyber Monday Garmin watch deals to help you find the best ones.

If you’re looking to invest in yourself and work on your personal fitness and health, then these watches are absolutely worth a look.

I absolutely love both my Quatix 6 and Quatix 7 watches. If anything, I slightly prefer the 6 because of the battery life and it’s less bright. The fenix is basically the same as the Quatix but with a few small differences in button designation. The functionality is pretty much the same.

With an array of Garmin watches on the market to suit different lifestyles and sporting activities, there’s something for almost everyone, and Cyber Monday Garmin watch deals can involve better than half price savings.

Read on to find out how you can get a great Cyber Monday Garmin watch deal right now…

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Best early Cyber Monday Garmin watch deals US

Garmin fenix 6X Pro Solar | Save 58% at Cabelas.com
Was: $949.99, now: $399.98
It goes everywhere, it does a ton of things from GPS tracking, maps, heartrate, fitness readiness, sleep monitoring and so many more things that you’ll love. This a great deal and the best price we’ve seen on this Garmin watch anywhere.

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Garmin Instinct Esports Edition | Save 52% at Walmart.com
Was: $299.99, now: $145
The Instinct 2s was launched in early 2022. We tested it and loved it very much. The screen is easy to read and the robust body gives confidence that you can go about your sporting endeavors without worry of ruining the watch. We highly recommend this Garmin watch, even if the price is still slightly above its lowest ever $109 price tag.

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Garmin Venu 2S | Save 50% at Amazon
Was $399.99, Now $199.99
The Garmin Venu 2 is a great little smart watch, and the S version has a smaller face to suit slimmer wrists. It has a good range of sport tracking activities and monitors a host of other health metrics. This is your ideal daily companion to the gym and looks just as good for daily wear to the shops etc. I’ve tested the square version of this watch and really enjoyed using it.

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Garmin EPIX Gen 2 | Save 44% at Amazon
Was $799.99, Now $449
If the fenix is the ultimate, then this is the er, ultimater smart sports watch… If you’re going to call your watch EPIX then it sure as heck better be epic. It is, without doubt a brilliant bit of tech to wear all day every day. There’s some other colour options but this version offers the biggest discount with $350 off the MSRP.

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Garmin Quatix 7 marine smartwatch | Save 33% at Amazon
Was: $699 Now: $399
The Quatix 7 is a fantastic piece of kit for anyone who loves sport and specifically sport that involves being on and around water. But it is an all round genius wearable that allows a huge range of monitoring activities, including your health as well as practical functions to control and interact with marine tech.
Massive thumbs up on this from me, I love mine and feel undressed without it.

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Garmin fenix 7 Solar | Save 31% at Best Buy

Was: $649.99, now: $449.99
One of the latest models from Garmin is this Fenix 7 solar, and right now it’s at its lowest ever price on Best Buy and Kohls. The array of features this watch offers is longer than my arm. It would take a whole article to just scratch the surface.

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Garmin fenix 6S Sapphire | Save 29% at Amazon
Was: $699.99, now: $499.99
There’s almost 30% off this fabulous fenix 6s smart watch! This advanced smart sports watch from Garmin is not only packed with more features than you can shake a stick at, but it looks fab too. The 6S version fits a smaller wrist but retains all of the functionality. If you are looking for a smart sports and fitness watch with contactless payments, then this is absolutely worth a look.

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Cyber Monday Garmin Watch Deals UK

Garmin Instinct Solar | Save 44% at Amazon
Was: £319.99, now: £179.99
We reviewed this watch a while back. It’s a pretty neat watch and with a load of features to track and monitor sports as well as smart features and with it rugged outer, it’s likely to stand the test of time and a fair bit of use and abuse along the way. The whole Instinct range is well worth a look, and though the best deal is on this black version, there are still discounts on the other colours this watch comes in too.

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Garmin fenix 6 Solar | Save 36% at Amazon
Was: £601.99, now: £379.95
The fenix 6 Solar is a brilliant bit of kit for anyone who loves sports and being active. Garmin brought out a new model, the fenix 7, but this just means there’s some excellent bargains to be found on this model.  For the money it’s got to be one of the best smart sports watches on the market. With the solar too, the battery life is brilliant.

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We’ve tested a few of these and there’s not a dud amongst them.

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How to pick the right Garmin watch

If you’re confused about what’s what with these watches, the fenix is one of the top of the range watches you can get from Garmin. They have multiple iterations, so there was a fenix, 5, fenix 6 and the most current watch is the fenix 7.

Within each fenix lineup we’re offered more choices. So you could get with with the suffix s, which means the screen size is smaller and the watch suits a smaller wrist. If it has an X suffix, then it has a BIGGER screen for BIG wrists.

You could get one that’s solar badged, which means the face of the watch has solar charging integrated, which gives a vastly improved battery life between recharges. Then there’s Sapphire models which relates to the glass and is super clear and smudge free, then finally there’s titanium, which means the watch housing is, yes, you guessed it, titanium.

So all of the above applies to other watches, such as the Quatix and to a lesser degree the Instinct, which doesn’t have a titanium option, because it’s a plastic sports watch and that’s how it rolls with its rugged plastic outer.

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