A series of 45-footers in the Bestevaer range under the name Pure is good news for all dreamers in search of a robust long-distance cruiser, says Toby Hodges

Could this be the hardiest 45ft production-build ever? KM Yachtbuilders, based in Makkum in the Netherlands, has announced plans to build a series of 45-footers under the name Pure. The company is currently conducting a survey of what potential owners are looking for while developing this latest and smallest new member of the renowned Bestevaer range.

Bestevaer has created a name for itself as the ultimate, robust, aluminium sloop with alpha-male style and pilot-cutter looks. All are designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, but until now the Bestevaer range comprised full custom builds from 48 to 66ft. Their interiors are all very different, exciting and inviting.

Bespoke 50ft plus yachts like this are out of reach for most, however, so news that KMY is planning a series-built 45ST at a more affordable size and budget, gives hope to us dreamers.

The ST (straight bow) Bestevaer series was born from Gerard Dykstra’s own 53ft Bestevaer II launched in 2003. He has sailed and lived aboard her with his wife for four months each year since then, visiting many remote areas.

Dykstra describes his original concept as one that can be “sailed in cold climates and that would be able to winter [there] – the ideal concept sailing yacht for ocean cruisers, who are looking for comfortable, no-nonsense yachts.”

Surprising turn of pace

More than 20 Bestevaers have since been launched, and as I found out when I sailed Kite, the 53ft sistership to Bestevaer II, they have a surprising turn of pace. Performance is very much part of the pedigree.

“Performance doesn’t always mean fast,” Dykstra’s Jeroen de Vos told me aboard Kite, “but proper sailing angles, ease of reefing and the ability to track properly.”

Bestevaer 45ST PURE_Fixed keel_CMYK

KMY is well aware of the popularity of the Bestevaer range. So four years ago it produced the Bestewind 50, a moulded glassfibre version, at €250,000 cheaper than a similar-sized aluminium build. But now, finally, for the metal purists without the budget, comes news of the Bestevaer Pure.

“We’ve listened to people’s comments about how they like the bare aluminium look of Bestevaer II and Zwarte Raaf,” says KMY’s Eeuwe Kooi, “almost no paint on deck, fine sanded hull, tiller steering, deep safe cockpit and, of course, the comfortable pilothouse.”

And how have they lowered the price for an aluminium build? “We have standardised items such as the position of the bulkheads, deck layout, system drawings and sail plan.”

Pilothouse cruiser

So the Pure is a safe and comfortable aluminium build, with a pilothouse. Although the cockpit is admirably deep, the pilothouse offers protection and good visibility. The Pure will also be maintenance-friendly, with minimum paintwork.

Four or six berths are offered below in two or three cabins, plus saloon berths for a further two. The U-shaped galley looks a practical shape for working in at heel. Styling will be fresh, light and modern.

Also available with a centreboard and twin rudders

Also available with a centreboard and twin rudders

The 13-tonne sloop has a fixed keel as standard, with an option for a centreboard with double rudders. Choose the latter and you can imagine there would be very few places on the planet off limits. The first Pure will have a centreboard, and her build will begin this summer.

Price ex VAT €495,000 (£355,000). www.kmy.nl


LOA 14.45m/47ft 5in

LWL 13.00m/42ft 8in

Beam 4.05m/13ft 3in

Draught (fixed) 2.15m/7ft 1in

Displacement (half load) 14,000kg/30,864lb



This is an extract from the July 2015 issue of Yachting World