We review the best battery-powered and electric self-heated jackets for keeping sailors toasty warm and waterproof in cold weather at sea


A decent sailing jacket is a must-have wardrobe item for any sailor. But for those sailing in extreme weather, sometimes an extra layer of warmth is needed. In that case, one of the best heated jackets could be the perfect accessory, keeping sailors warm at sea without having to wear bulky layers and compromise their range of movement and flexibility.

Heated outdoor jackets use advanced technology to provide warmth through battery-powered heating elements that are integrated into the fabric. Many can be charged using the same USB technology as your phone.

Cosy and water-repellent, self-heated jackets are designed for keeping wearers warm and dry for long periods in freezing cold temperatures, so you may want to consider one if you are trying to work our what to wear sailing in colder weather. Unlike wearing layers of clothing that need to be stripped off or put on again, many self-heated jackets allow the wearer to easily adjust the temperature with a simple button.

When looking for the best heated jackets to buy, take into account what the item is designed for and where you’ll be using it. Some self-heating jackets are crafted for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, while others are made specifically for more sedentary activities like walking or hunting. Some are more suited to milder temperatures while others are appropriate for Arctic conditions.

For sailors wanting to buy one of the best heated jackets, consider how the jacket affects your range of motion, and how well it can handle wet conditions and exposure to saltwater. Battery life, machine washability and fit and styling are all important aspects to bear in mind when buying a new heated jacket.

7 of the best heated jackets


Regatta Men’s Volter Shield IV waterproof heated jacket

The Volter Shield IV model by Regatta is designed for heavy-duty wear in seriously wet conditions. It’s water-repellent and features an adjustable hem and storm cuffs to ensure no water is getting inside while worn, no matter how rough the conditions are out on the water.

Although the brand doesn’t define exactly how long the battery life is, we do know that heating panels cover the back and inside the pockets, with three different heat level settings to choose from. Note that the battery pack needs to be bought separately, however.

Reasons to buy

– Water repellent
– Heated pockets
– Adjustable hem and cuffs

Reasons to avoid

– Battery pack needs to be bought separately
– No additional USB charging port for devices
– Battery life not defined

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Conqueco Unisex Activewear Heated Jacket

Conqueco’s unisex heated jacket has been designed in a slimline style, with barely-there heating elements that make it perfectly inconspicuous for active wearers like sailors.

The jacket is equipped with three heating elements spread across the chest and back. It offers three different heat levels, which can be adjusted at the push of a button, as well as an overheating sensor that will automatically reduce the temperature if it gets too hot.

Beating many other models on the market, the Conqueco jacket is advertised with an impressive 16 hours of runtime, but users have noted that it can take a while for the jacket to heat up, and sailors should be wary that the item is just described as waterproof, not water-repellent or water-resistant.

Reasons to buy

– Subtle heating coils and battery pack
– Automatically turns off when the temperature is too high
– 16-hour runtime
– USB port for charging devices on the go

Reasons to avoid

– Heats up slowly
– Waterproof, not water-resistant
– Power bank needs to be purchased separately

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TideWe Heated Duck Hunting Jacket

TideWe’s self-heating jacket features a colourful camouflage design on the outside and a cosy fleece lining on the inside for extra warmth.

It’s designed for hunting and outdoor pursuits but is suitable for sailors thanks to the water repellent exterior, detachable hood, sealed seams and adjustable cuffs and hem to ensure a watertight fit.

Three heating elements will keep the jacket toasty for up to 10 hours, with the heat level coming in three different temperature settings easily adjusted with the push of a button.

Tested with more than 50 washes, TideWe attests that the jacket and it’s heated elements are washing machine safe.

Reasons to buy

–Water repellent
– Cosy fleece lining
– 10 hours of warmth
– Elastic waist and cuffs

 Reasons to avoid

– Battery pack needs to be bought separately
– No USB charging port for devices

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PROSmart Electric Heated Jacket

Like the Conqueco model, the PROsmart heated jacket boasts an impressive 16-hour runtime. It offers a total of five carbonfibre heating elements across the back and chest, with three types of heating levels to choose from, depending on the weather.

The model is also advertised as water-resistant, so should hold up in foul weather while on board. It’s definitely machine-wash safe as well, having been tested in more than 50 washes without deterioration.

Some users have noted that the design of the PROSmart jacket is bulkier than other models, but this should make it warmer, with a heat range from 40-60 degrees depending on the setting. Users have also warned that the sizes run small.

Reasons to buy

– 5 Heating elements on back and chest
– 16-hour runtime
– Battery pack included

 Reasons to avoid

– Takes a long time to charge, according to users
– No additional USB charging port for devices
– Bulkier design

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Venustas Heated Jacket

Designed in a cosy puffer style with four handy pockets, Venustas’ unisex heated jacket features four carbon-fibre heating elements. These are located on the back, abdomen and collar.

The jacket has three heat settings that can be easily changed with buttons and heats up in just 30 seconds with a battery life of eight hours. If the heat level is too high, the jacket has been designed to automatically adjust the temperature settings.

It’s ideal for sailing as it is designed to be water-resistant rather than simply waterproof, so you shouldn’t feel damp at all while at sea. However, though the jacket is advertised as machine-wash safe, some users have noticed that seams are prone to fraying if washed frequently.

Reasons to buy

– Heated collar
– Quick warmup in just 30 seconds
– Eight hours of warmth
– Automatically lowers temperature if the heat gets too high
– USB port for charging devices on the go

Reasons to avoid

– Users note seams are prone to fraying
– Lower temperature of heat settings
– Sizes run small

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Ororo Soft Shell Heated Jacket 

Ororo’s lightweight water- and wind-resistant jacket is an excellent choice for active sailors. Unlike bulkier models, the machine-wash-safe soft shell fabric won’t weigh you down or restrict your movement during an ocean crossing.

It may not be as toasty as a puffer or down jacket, but Ororo also makes a selection of these if you’re willing to splash out a bit more.

The battery-powered jacket heats up very quickly and can be used for 10 continuous hours. It has three easily adjustable heat settings with three heating panels – two on the chest and one on the upper back. Bear in mind that this is fewer than some other models that boast special collar or pocket heating elements.

Reasons to buy

– Lightweight feel and slim fit, suitable for active sailors
– Athletic wrist cuffs to stop water getting in at the wrists
– Detachable hood
– Heats in seconds and lasts 10 hours
– USB port for charging devices on the go

Reasons to avoid

– Only three heating elements
– Possibly not as warm as a puffer or down jacket

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DEWBU Soft Shell Heated Jacket

This heated jacket by DEBWU is on the pricier side, but for extra cost comes extra warmth.

The water-repellent jacket is equipped with a total of five carbon-fibre heating elements, covering the back and front as well as both arms and pocket areas. There are three different heat settings to choose from, with the highest producing 60-degree heat. On the lower settings, the heat can last for 10 hours.

While wearers have complained that it takes a long time to charge, the DEBWU jacket can be charged by hooking it up with any 12V power system – therefore not requiring any additional purchase of battery packs. Another highlight is a total of six pockets, making this jacket practical for long days out at sea.

Reasons to buy

– Up to 10 hours of warmth
– 5 heating elements including arms
– Battery pack not needed, can be charged by any 12V power system

Reasons to avoid

– Long charging time
– Awkward hood design, according to wearers
– More expensive than other models

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