Sailing is about enjoying the elements, and to do this you need to be in kit which will protect you, but also be comfortable in. But we also want to be stylish. Luckily there are plenty of options out there which tick every box. Let's take a look at 6 of the best designer sailing jackets on the market right now...


We have all been in the position where an impromptu celebratory visit to the pub/restaurant/yacht club has been sprung upon us immediately after hitting the dock. Many have also witnessed the aftermath of crews still celebrating hours later, still in functional sailing clothing which doesn’t really belong on dry land.

Full thermal pyjamas can be excused on a very rare victorious occasion, and slightly more acceptable is the dance floor moves in leather sailing boots. I’m sorry to point out that a bowman still in dinghy boots and a harness at the bar has never, and will never, be a good look.

It must also be accepted that more needs to be done to protect our planet, so having a sailing jacket which works perfectly well in a multitude of environments really does make sense and also cuts down on the amount of stuff we have filling our wardrobes, and ultimately landfill. So buying quality and buying once really does make sense.

Luckily in sailing there has been a long tradition of combining style with elegance, not only in what we travel the seas on but also what we wear whilst doing so.

Whether a you’re a keen teen concerned about looking your best in your social updates or a seasoned cruiser who wants to hit the dock and head straight to that lovely little family run restaurant with the best local fayre and wine list, we are here to show you some of the best designer sailing jackets available.

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6 of the best designer sailing jackets

Prada Gore-Tex Pro Jacket

The kings of designer sailing jacket style

Reasons to buy

-Gore-tex construction
-Worldwide leaders in design and fashion

Reasons to avoid

-Not in everyone’s budget

This fashion house is not only one of the world leaders but also has a long and connected history to yacht racing, particularly the most famous of sailing events – the America’s Cup.

Prada have been a major player in the AC for many editions and have always brought a game-changing level of class and style to every one of their campaigns. So where else would you look for the best designer sailing jacket?

Made from gore-tex, you can guarantee that the protection against the elements is as good as it can be. You can close out the weather with a full-length zip and using the adjustment on the hood and the bottom of the jacket, plus the branded cuff straps.

It’s hard to nail down why this jacket looks so much more stylish than others – but it really does. The subtle red stripe of the Prada logo is far from ‘in your face’ and this jacket certainly wouldn’t look out of place in the centre of any famous fashion centre.

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Note: We may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site, at no extra cost to you. This doesn’t affect our editorial independence.

North Sails Sailor Jacket

Not just about performance

Reasons to buy

-Maximum Mediterranean style
-Wide range of choices for every season
-Same style for whole family

Reasons to avoid

-Not the full range of colours for kids

North Sails have been concentrating on their clothing to enhance the status of mega brand within sailing. Certainly the performance range of their offshore sailing jackets is living up to its high standards.

The casual side to North’s clothing range has been popular in the beautiful coastal regions of the Med for many years, often seen whilst sat watching the world go by in the stylish centres of Portofino or Porto Cervo. There is even a flagship store next to the picturesque harbour in St Tropez.

But it’s not just about the trim Italian style of this classic versatile sailing jacket. The design comes in a various colors, but also with a choice of lining, a comfortable mesh for the warmer climates and a soft fleece inner for the colder regions. They even have a choice of outer shells if you need maximum rain protection or you are lucky enough to only be caught out by inclement weather on very rare occasions.

With specific options for women and also kids – you could kit the whole family out for a smarter look.

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Helly Hansen Crew Insulator 2.0

Warm outdoor experts option

Reasons to buy

-Very clean design
-Lightweight and warm

Reasons to avoid

-Not quite the same levels of waterproofing as others

These puffer-style thermal jackets have always been essential for outdoor activities, of which Helly Hansen is a market leader. Slowly but surely this style of jacket has morphed, reducing bulk and venturing down from the mountains to be a staple of many city landscapes.

Although not quite at the waterproof levels of some other featured jackets here, it does still deflect the odd shower and really does offer fantastic city appeal. A superb and fresh casual jacket, the Crew Insulator is able to handle both urban and ocean environments.

What it does do, it does extremely well. It’s very warm and lightweight and is also perfect as a thermal layer. A lovely tidy and clean-cut jacket, which easily looks at home onboard as it does strolling around the high street ashore, you would be hard pressed to find another designer sailing jacket that covers both categories so comfortably.



Code Zero Waypoint Jacket

An option for every colour

Reasons to buy

-Good price point
-Ladies and Gents specific cuts

Reasons to avoid

-Maybe not the widespread “label” appeal of some others

Code Zero’s DNA is firmly routed in sailing, with the management team often on site in many of the higher profile events in our sport. From that comes a built-in understanding of the needs of everyone from the active enthusiast upto the top pro.

With a clean and simple design, the Waypoint jacket has all that is necessary without any of the extra bulk and needless items weighing the jacket down.

Waterproof zips, panel taping, good breathability and a very decent hood make it an essential item for boating. With very subtle branding on the chest, it definitely looks up to the larger fashion brands for inspiration.

Another bonus is the huge range of colours available, in fact there is enough choice to match any colour of trousers, hull, shoes, eyes – you name it!

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Henri Lloyd Consort 65 Jacket

The classic sailing jacket revisited

Reasons to buy

-A classic jacket rooted in history and adventure
-Updated with modern fabrics but still the original look

Reasons to avoid

-Not the best for the serious racers
-No hood

At a time when adventure was really at the core of sailing, when the first colour film footage of extreme conditions from mid ocean could be witnessed ashore, when the washed-out coloured tones showed exactly how tough the famous 60s and 70s ocean pioneers had it, Henri Lloyd gave us the Consort jacket.

Now celebrating 60 years in the business, the team at Henri Lloyd are giving us updated versions of all the old classics, such as this sailing jacket, which is now regularly seen in the trendiest neighbourhoods around the planet. (something which certainly isn’t new to Henri Lloyd after several forays into pop culture fashion trends over the years).

The jacket, as worn in many an ocean passage, gives you great weather protection – but it does lack a hood. Its size and comforting coverage is great for a cooler days of cruising, but probably not quite as ideal for your racing bow team.

Sturdy zips and a storm flap to the front, combined with the velcro adjustable cuffs will help to keep the outside out. The quilted inside will keep you nice and cosy too.

This jacket doesn’t give you any options of colours, or linings, but when originally conceived there would not have been any choices anyway! It does however represent a time in our history of exploration and adventure with a classic, almost ageless, look.


Musto Snug Jacket 2.0

The sailing jacket which helped create an empire

Reasons to buy

-A classic with much support
-Iconic 80s style – now coming back

Reasons to avoid

-The look is now one of the most copied

Musto started as a sailing brand but adapted and filled the whole outdoor market, succeeding in every corner they occupy. A huge part of this dominance came from their understanding of what works well, and the Musto Snug is a classic example of this.

The 80s look really is flooding the streets and influencing styles once again. The latest item from this decade to get the reboot, the Musto Snug Jacket is still immediately recognisable 35 years on.

Moments after appearing on the scene it went on to dominate not just the latter 80s, but the 90s and beyond. This item really did start a revolution within sailing.

It can put up with a decent shower and can keep you warm. It looks good on the way to the yacht club and there is plenty of room for your essentials in the pockets (luckily mobile phones have become significantly smaller since the bricks that graced the 80s).

Good as an outer layer or under more specific wet weather gear, this design is still as versatile as it was when it first hit the waves.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Head to Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.