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From the Editor
Global racing and the credit crunch

On the Wind
Bitter Cup spat sours world racing forum; ?500,000 prize for new Velux 5-Oceans race; visitors flock to Earls Court; spectacular pictures of Sailrocket in flight

Driven to the limit
The Southern Ocean takes its toll of the Vendée Globe fleet as Mike Golding loses his mast just after taking the lead

The Walrus
By their decks ye shall know them

Caribbean Customs and the realities of dayboat sailing

Robin Knox-Johnston
Spare us from banal bureaucrats

Electric outboards with attitude, Garmin’s touchscreen GPS and a revolution in radar

Leading Edge
Smart suits which track every breath and heartbeat can keep tabs on racing sailors

Go-faster Swan 90, Ker 53 previews and a new lease of life for an Olin Stephens classic

The Idaho hotrod
She’s the ultimate dayboat, her style as slick as her engineering. So why is she confined to a remote lake in landlocked Idaho? We go sailing on the 60ft Sizzler

The big chill
Ignoring the warnings, cruising sailors Ruth Gerritse and Mark van ‘t Would brave winter in Chilean Patagonia and are amazed by its scenery and solitude

The sweet spot
Candy-striped lighthouses, clear seas and short distances – the Bahamas’ Sea of Abaco fills the bill for a quick fix of the Caribbean

Among the fire islands
Danger charters with Sunsail? David Glenn is persuaded to anchor off an active volcano at night in Sicily’s Aeolian Islands

ARC 2008: Gently does it
Racing crews moaned, but light winds were a joy for those who relaxed into cruising mode

A cookery special – pro tips, recipes, gear

Performance World
Damage limitation: how to keep a VO70 together while crashing through ‘ludicrous’ seas on Leg 2 of the Volvo. Plus: dissected, RORC’s boat of the year, the J/122, and Pace Notes for Key West

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Oyster scale up with a 125-footer, plus new yachts from Jaudenes-Theys and Pendennis

Yachts for sale

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One Amazing Day
Adrian Flanagan recalls his homecoming after the first pole-to-pole circumnavigation