The Spinnaker Hass Automatic watch brings all the joy of a traditional analogue timepiece.
If you want to ditch the computers and keep it simple then this is definitely worth a look.

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Spinnaker Hass Automatic


  • smart styling, easy to read day and night, electronics free, self winding


  • due to self winding mechanism the watch is not as slim as a quartz movement watch which might mean that cuffs on shirts and foulies are tight


Spinnaker Haas Automatic Watch Review

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SPinnaker Hass

Spinnaker Hass, tested by Phil Pryor, Alex Hancock and Fox Morgan

Spinnaker Haas Automatic watch

There’s a certain joy when unboxing a watch and you set the time and date. There’s an additional joy when you unmount this automatic watch and it starts to self wind in your hand and comes to life simply by the motion of you looking at it.

The Spinnaker Hass Automatic watch is waterproof to 300m and requires no batteries as this watch self winds from the motion of your hand through body movement. It feels reassuringly sturdy with it’s all metal band and easy to read rating bezel.

Ever since I had a friend show me his self winding fancy pants watch back in the early 2000s, I have wanted to find one to fit me and my limited budget. I couldn’t justify the £1000s he spent for the privilege of ditching the battery. Fast forward 20 years and HELLO Spinnaker! Finally an automatic watch at a price that doesn’t bring me out in hives.

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The winder unscrews to allow time, day and date adjustment and that my friends is all there is to this gorgeous watch. At least as far as the wearer is concerned.
Behind that metal back is the smooth Japanese workings of a self winding watch. When it arrived in the box the watch was still and inactive. But the moment I removed it from the box it started to self wind. With just a small amount of movement, the second hand was moving.

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You’ll see that the back of the Spinnaker Hass automatic watch is more of a domed shape to allow space to house that self winding mechanism as well as the waterproofing. As with all things, there’s a tradeoff. If you want to go electric free and remain affordable to mere mortals then the mechanism to self wind will take up more space than say a battery powered quartz movement.

The rotating bezel has a positive feel to the click and as per most standard dive designed watches the rotating bezel fits the brief. For some it may be a little slippery if you are rotating it with gloves on.

Every user moving part on the watch feels nicely machined and sturdy.

The passive glow in the dark of the hands and digits works well once powered up with a lamp or head torch. The day and date is useful for anyone scrolling through a tide book or making log book entries.

I love this safety yellow colourway as it really stands out and is easy to read. This might not be to everyone’s taste though which is fine because the Spinnaker Hass comes in 9 different colourways.

For sailors who want a smart looking non-electric time piece that will last for years. Or for smart people who love to go off grid and want to keep everything battery free.

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