This two person kayak has two side chambers that inflate inside a hard wearing nylon outer that allows them to be pressured up.

Product Overview

Sevylor Madison


  • The spraydecks are strong enough to support a small dog
  • Large drain makes it easy to drain and clean


  • Tricky to control in strong crosswinds
  • Footpump is not the best


Sevylor Madison 2 Person Inflatable Kayak review

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The floor is inflated too and this gives the kayak a certain degree of rigidity. The two seats are inflatable and are quite comfy, you can adjust the pressure to suit your own backside’s preference.

The front and back ends of the kayak have small spray-decks to help keep water spray out of the kayak. They’re velcroed in place so are easy to peel back to access the valves sheltered underneath. The spraydekcs are strong enough to support a very small dog, but not much else.

If you are interested in our dog life jackets then check out our best dog life jackets guide. There’s a large drain bung on the underside of the kayak to help you drain water out of the kayak when you haul it out of the water.

Naturally when we kayak with a double paddle, we get a little water coming into the kayak. So having a convenient drainage is good. This also allows you to flush it through with fresh water to remove any salt if you’ve been on the sea or salty water.

The Seylor Madison has a single, removable skeg on the bottom which helps it to track in a straight line. I didn’t have any trouble keeping this kayak gong straight, until that is, there was a strong crosswind. As with all lightweight personal watercraft they are effected by windage, So bear that in mind if you want to paddle out on a windy day.

It comes with a footpump and pressure gauge. The pump hose has a bunch of universal adapter attachments and I found them to be really awkward to get the right one in the valve and push the others out of the way.

The footpump was ok, but I think a dual-chamber stirrup pump would be better. I found the footpump to be a bit leaky as it got up a little bit of pressure. The two paddles are good enough, but if you paddle a lot then you might consider buying something a little more personally suited.

After an hour or so on the water I found that the chambers, which were pumped up on warm dry land, had gone a little soft, due to the cool water reducing the air pressure. It’s really tricky to top up the tubes while in the kayak and there’s a high risk of accidentally deflating a tube due to the way the valves are screwed in.

We managed to fit two adults and two small dogs in this Sevylor Madison. It was quite a snug fit shall we say. Thankfully the smallest dog could fit on my lap.

As the sides are quite bulky due to the method of construction, I find paddling a little bit of a reach. The paddles are a little longer than those for a non-inflatable kayak to compensate for this.

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Seating capacity:2
Weight limit:200kg
Packed dimensions:28 x 76 x 50 cm
Inflated dimensions:327 x 93 x 16 cm