The Konus 7x50 Tornado marine binoculars are ubiquitous on the UK market, so much so that you can find almost the same product rebadged and slightly altered as Talamex, Plastimo and Gael Force at different prices.

Product Overview

Konus 7x50 Tornado marine binoculars


  • they float, inbuilt illuminated compass, good hand grips


  • none


Konus 7×50 Tornado marine binoculars review

Konus 7x50 Tornado marine binoculars

Konus 7×50 Tornado marine binoculars

The Konus 7×50 Tornado marine binoculars float and are waterproof, they autofocus and come with a two-year warranty. They use BaK4 prisms and special coated optics to allow as much light through to the eye as possible.

The right-hand barrel displays a compass that can be illuminated with a press of a button and a range-finding reticle. The rangefinder is extremely clear with numerals to assist measurements.

The product is shipped in simple cardboard packaging and the carry case comes with a useful front pocket and its own strap. The lens protectors are attached to the binocular frame, so they won’t get lost, and note that the sturdy metal plate that prevents the lens protectors from getting loose is also a tripod socket (something the instructions failed to mention).

The eyepiece protection cap is a one-piece element with a useful eyelet built in for attaching to the provided neck strap. Neck straps are never easy to fit, but it’s a ‘one-and-done’ kind of job!

The rubber eye cups fold back easily for those who wear spectacles all the time and each eyepiece has an adjustable focus ring to help get the sharpest image.

The test pack included two LR43 battery cells (for powering the compass light) and a lens cleaning cloth. The battery container is simple to access, but reassuringly secure against water ingress. The compass is well damped.

The instructions are in good English and provide enough detail to teach yourself how to use the reticle for measuring distance or height (including diagrams).

On test, I found the eyepieces a bit unforgiving, but the binoculars are very lightweight. The image through the lens is a match for the Bynolyt Searanger III and a close second to the Bynolyt Oceanrangers.

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Maximum magnification:7
Objective lens diameter:50