Head torch obsessive Fox Morgan gathered together a hot selection of some of the most popular head lamps on the market, including this Exposure lights Raw Pro 200 lumen head torch for review.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Exposure Lights Raw Pro head torch


  • Red light optimised, USB rechargeable, robust and very waterproof


  • Not very powerful white beam, fiddly recharging, easy to lose when unclipped


Exposure Lights Raw Pro Head Torch Review – tested gear

Price as reviewed:


Exposure Lights Raw Pro Head Torch


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Exposure Lights Raw Pro Head Torch Review

The premium priced Exposure lights Raw Pro is more than double the price of any of the other head torches I have tested and I can’t say that it is twice as good as any of them but it does offer some unique features.

What you do get with the tiny Raw Pro head torch is something that none of the others offer. The red light function on this thing is outstanding.

It is red light prioritised and with three levels of brightness you will be able to read in a darkened cabin as well as light up the rigging and mast head unit and trim sails without ruining anyone’s night vision.
In white light mode the Raw Pro is mediocre and on a par with budget range 200 lumen head torches. It doesn’t have the power of white beam that some of the others I have tested have. You wouldn’t be using it to find a buoy in a dark mooring area for example as it just doesn’t have the required range.

But for red light options and function, this is a little marvel.

Charging it, in the current form ( I hear a new magnetic version is in the pipeline) is a right faff. But to get the IPX 8 rating then I guess they had to go to those lengths to keep it fully waterproof.
To access the charging slot, you first need to slide the rubber band up a little, but don’t take it off. The rotate the bezel and unscrew it until the hole in the bezel aligns with the micro USB socket underneath. Now this might sound petty, but if you try to do this in the dark, aligning that socket is a devil of a job because it’s all black and er, in the dark, you can’t even do it by touch or feel. You’ll be needing two head torches!

The unit is also very small and slippery. I dropped it twice in the calm and comfort of my own yacht saloon while I was setting it up and I was warm and dry without gloves on.

The charge status is easy to see on the end button as it glows momentarily the standard traffic light green, amber or red to let you know the power remaining.

I love the fact the head band has reflective lettering on it as it makes it easy to find in the dark (with your other head torch) but the size adjustment and velcro fastening is limited in the size of head and the tail end is a bit untidy when you have a small head like me.

Light Modes:

Mode one: Red – 2 lumens, 25 hours

Mode two: Red – 15 lumens, 6 hours

Mode three Red – 50 lumens, 1 hour

Mode four White – 15 lumens, 10 hours

Mode five White – 50 lumens, 3 hours

Mode Six White – 200 lumens, 1 hour

Mode seven -White strobe 200 lumens, 5 hours


  •  4 x XQE LEDs
  • Battery 700 mAh Li-Ion
  • Charging Time 3 Hours
  • Runtime 1 – 25 Hours
  • Aluminium casing
  • Weight 76g
  • 2 year warranty
  • Lifetime LED guarantee
  • IP rating IPX8 (IPX8 – Protects when immersed in water over 3 feet)

Results of testing:

Battery life and recharging time 2/5

Full beam illumination 2/5

Low level light for reading 5/5

Red light 5/5

Water proofing 5/5

Eco (recyclable packaging and ability to replace head strap) 5/5

Weight and comfort 4/5

Buy USE Raw Pro from Tweeks

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